Teresa Giudice Discusses Ashlee Holmes’ Twitter Rant, Milania Giudice’s Opinion On Kim DePaola, & Danielle Staub’s Bathroom Sex At Her Family’s Restaurant

Real Housewives of New Jersey is a rare show in the Real Housewives franchise because the side characters are just as vital as the actual Housewives. As the ladies have said Kim DePaola aka Kim D is a “cockroach” that just hasn’t gone away. She probably never will if she continues to get the newly zen Teresa Giudice so riled up every single time she is mentioned- let alone when she actually appears. It is prime TV- although a lot of people are getting sick of the chronically recycled stunt.

Then there are other side characters that make the show better in a positive way. One of those is Teresa’s third daughter, Milania Giudice. She always manages to steal the show, say what everyone is thinking, and bless us with the best meme material. Obviously Milania is just a child, but Teresa recently revealed that she weighed in on the feud with Kim D.

During her appearance on The Morning Breath, Teresa revealed that Milania does watch the show and that she has some strong opinions. Teresa shared, “Milania is like ‘I can’t believe Kim D did that.’ She came to my house and brought her puppies. Milania is like shocked. She was like ‘Why would she say that?’ She was like ‘I don’t like her anymore.’ She’s like ‘You better not be friends with her anymore’ and I’m like ‘I’m not.'” Milania is wise beyond her years.

Another Real Housewife daughter who has weighed in on the drama is Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes– formerly known as AshlEY Holmes.  Teresa revealed, “I saw a tweet from someone, but I’m not going to say who.” Teresa ended up caving a few seconds later when she said, “I really don’t even want to talk about her. Ashlee. Yesterday I was doing press and trust me, I don’t want to talk about Jacqueline and Caroline [Manzo]. Please. No, not at all. They’re not even worth my time, not at all. It’s just free publicity for them.” And the show. It’s also great publicity for the show.

Teresa continued, “So anyway, she just tweeted something nasty. What did she say? Oh ‘TV has gotten to my head.’ No it hasn’t. I’m still the same person I was when I started the show.” For the record, Ashlee tweeted (and deleted), “I have never met bigger hypocrite in my life than Teresa Giudice. She’s an idiot who let “fame” (for being trash) go to her head. When I see her STILL doing interviews going on hate RANTS about my family… I’m not surprised. She’s hateful and vindictive.

Teresa insisted, “I’m very real.” She added, “Hello, I had a lot of bad seasons.” That is for sure, but she is still the indisputable queen of this show.

During the interview, host Jackie Oshry pointed out, “Something that felt hypocritical was that during the Gorga restaurant opening, Danielle [Staub] was in the bathroom doing the dirty.” Teresa confirmed, “She did.”

Jackie continued, “She put that out on camera, but they didn’t choose to air it, yet she was so upset about what you said back in the day while she was still making that her story line this season about being sexual.” That really doesn’t add up. At all. Nevertheless, Teresa doesn’t really seem to care.

Tre said, “She’s very open with her sexual life. I don’t know. I changed in that way. I used to be like ‘Oh my god.’ I did grow up very sheltered, but if you want to have sex in the bathroom, have sex in the bathroom.” They have come a long way from Season 1 when Teresa flipped over a table in response to Danielle simply telling her to “pay attention.” I couldn’t imagine how Teresa would have reacted back in the day when if Danielle decided to have sex at a restaurant owned by her family.

She added, “After what happened to me, you live one life, go have a good time. You never know how long you’re going to be here. Look at my mom. She was 66. My mom was young and I never expected to lose her. I live every life like it’s my last.”

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