Brielle Biermann

Just like her mother, Kim Zolciak, Brielle Biermann is no stranger to igniting social media controversy. Almost everything these two share on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat starts some debate. From the (alleged) overuse of photo editing apps to (alleged) cosmetic procedures to questionable quotations, these two know how to bring attention to their social media pages.

Brielle tweeted something about “wanting to help people in need” and it did not sit well with her followers. That sounds like a sentiment that most people would support, but considering the greater context, what she said got a lot of hate in response.

So what did Kim’s oldest daughter tweet? Brielle wrote, “i wish i could win the lotto just to help out people in need.” Instead of complimenting Brielle or hitting her with a like, a lot of Twitter users came for her and pointed out that she is very fortunate in life and is very much capable of “helping out people in need.”

One Twitter user suggested, “Don’t get your lips done this week.” This same person responded to her own tweet and added, “Spare me I make 50000 a yr and and donate weekly….like I have it.” Others posted similar responses, like this one: “Or spend the money you use to buy over priced bags and clothes that sit in your closet to help people.”

Another person pointed out, “You have enough money to help..the fact that you think you need the lottery just goes to show how little you know about the economy.”

A follower made a great point: “You don’t need to win the lottery to help people in need out. There’s people less fortunate than you, like me, that manages to. Whenever I go shopping I pick up an extra item for my local food bank. Not much but every little helps.”

I have to assume that did not write that tweet with the intention of upsetting people, but she sure did. A “fan” asked, “Do you WANT people to hate you?”

Someone suggested using her social media influence to make a difference: “You have something more important than what winning the lottery would/could do. You have 240k followers and a voice. Use your popularity/celebrity to raise awareness & that awareness will bring the $ to those who need it.”

One woman replied to Brielle with a link to a GoFundMe and wrote, “Lovely & kind spirit @BrielleZolciak. My mother, 72 yrs old, and I have been homeless for more than 2 yrs and know how it feels to be forgotten while trying to rebuild our lives. Beyond grateful if you can help us spread the word.” Brielle did not like, respond to, or retweet this post. In her defense, her phone was probably BLOWING up with the notifications after her tweet, so it is very possible that she didn’t see this one.

This Twitter user really went in on Brielle: “People who make FAR less $ than you give a lot of their hard earned money. What EARNED money do you give? Are you that naive, spoiled & inconsiderate to post such a tweet?” So did this one: “I wish I could win the lottery so I can pay my electric bill and get my car back on the road. I never comment on here but this tweet is embarrassing.”

The comments weren’t all bad though. One person told Brielle, “I always say the same thing But there’s so many ways you can help people! The lotto has nothing to do with it! A little goes a long way!!!”

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