Shannon argues with David

Shannon Beador And David Beador Divorce Escalates With Custody Battle And Dispute Over Finances

Right now Shannon Beador is probably smashing the nine lemons in a bowl against the wall. Then using the remains to make several vodka sodas!

As expected Shannon and David Beadors divorce has turned nasty. The Real Housewives Of Orange County star filed in December and asked for primary physical custody and spousal support. However recent court filings reveal that last year Shannon earned $420,000 from the show and various endorsements associated with her Bravo contract. Now David is contesting Shannon’s custody filing and fighting her request for spousal support.

David wants 50/50 custody of their three daughters and questions Shannon’s fitness as the primary caretaker. David argues that RHOC impedes Shannon’s ability to be a full-time parent because the show “encourages excess drinking and extended travel.” Woo Noooo. Has David been talking to Simon Barney lately? Cause RHOC partying never bodes well in divorce!

He also says that because “Shannon is not fostering or encouraging a healthy father-child relationship” his girls haven’t been seeing him or speaking to him. David’s affair and his distance from Shannon is ultimately what led to their split.

Per court documents obtained by The Blast, David is against paying Shannon spousal support because she out-earns him due to RHOC and should be financing HIS lifestyle instead! Especially because, according to David, his “participation and funding of her reality TV career” is part of the reason she’s earning so much in the first place!

Although David is reaching – literally – for the stars when he adds that Shannon’s  “current popularity is a direct result of my participation in that show.” Mostly he’s reaching because in what universe is Shannon ‘popular’ – other than as a train wreck? As a result David is asking that Shannon’s future business endeavors (like the deal she recently inked with QVC?) also be considered part of her income as an attack against her claim for spousal support. How’s that for equality?!

David even claims that Shannon “perjured herself” by erroneously telling the courts that he makes five times more than she does. Shannon alternately claims David is lying about his assets.

This is all interesting because Shannon will undoubtedly be using the divorce as her major storyline this season, just as she has used her marriage for the past four seasons. David is correct that her longevity on the show is directly related to their unraveling marriage, and since spouses don’t receive contracts or income from Bravo, he hasn’t been getting paid for being a significant part of the show, while she has been getting bigger paychecks. Jason Hoppy secured a gag order from Bethenny Frankel to prevent her from using his name on the show or in the press during their divorce, essentially trying to bar her from continuing to profit from him.

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