Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap – Baby Shower Blowup

Like flies caught in spider webs, these kids have sealed their futures together and they are sticky. Don’t get me wrong, we are sure to catch some epic breakups in the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episodes to come, but raising babies is going to make these kids deal with each other for 18-years+ for the sake of their kids.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap -Baby Shower Blowup

Round 1

Ashley: Ashley and Bar are recovering from their fight at the end of the last episode. They come together to discuss their communication. Ashley is proving to be pretty epic with the one liners as she tells Bar that “your mom can’t be the only one allowed to throw rocks.” I appreciate her honesty. Note she didn’t say that no one should be throwing rocks. No, no, she wants it known if rocks get thrown she expects to throw some back. I’m not saying Bar has a type. I’m just saying, Bar has a type.

Lexi: Lexi and Kyler are hanging out despite not having settled on their relationship status. They discuss baby names where Kyler vetoes Lexi’s suggestion based on the idea that it is her favorite singer. Personally, I think Kyler’s name should immediately disqualify him from having veto power, but I guess that blame should really go to his parents and let’s just hope he learned something. Since we haven’t met our quota for medical scenes we catch an ultrasound and Lexi’s mom gets in a safe sex zinger just to bug Kyler. Not going to lie, if it were my 17-year-old he knocked up I’d be whipping those out left and right.

Brianna: Danae’s mom, Robin, is coming to visit. Do we know why Danae is not living at home with his mom? Aren’t they both a little young to be away from parents and moving in with each other? Anyway, Danae calls out Robin for using female pronouns. Again, a fair correction but I am willing to stand up for Momma Robin a bit considering we don’t know how long she has had to get used to the idea, it is a child she gave birth to and (presumably) raised, and she was referring to the past when Danae was 1.5 so I’m not sure of the grammatically correct protocol for that situation. On an ice cream excursion Danae and Robin have a conversation about the massive amount of responsibility and financial strain he is volunteering to take on. Again, this seems to be a lot of burden for a person who biologically doesn’t have to do it. I can’t decide if Danae is just selfless, or if this burden is just adding undue strain on their young and tumultuous relationship.

Kayla: Kayla is confused about the status of her relationship with Stephan but they put it aside to shop for toys. Don’t worry though, they have onesies, a burp rag, and a diaper pail so it sounds like they are newborn ready!  

Jade: Jade and Sean are moving. After putting away some pots and pans (here’s hoping she uses them more than the girls in Teen Mom(2) franchise ever did), she calls her mom. Jade’s mom seems pretty shady about her plans for the day and jumps right to the possibility of being cut off from her grandchild. I think Jade’s intuition is spot on. It really doesn’t take an addiction counselor to be able to pick up on these signs.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap -Baby Shower Blowup

Round 2

Ashley: Facebook Live being used by your mom’s boyfriend to shade your dirty laundry is just embarrassing. On behalf of all of us, stop it.

Lexi: Lexi goes maternity clothes shopping with her mom and gets the bonus of a guilt trip over needing to establish the status of her relationship with Kyler. I would probably feel the same way if I were her mother, but this scene really made me feel for Lexi. No one wants that figured out more than she does, and getting even more pressure about it can’t help her anxiety.

Kayla: Kayla and her friend are cooking something that looks truly terrible, and based on their reactions doesn’t taste any better. Already more cooking on this show since we were privy to Farrah’s culinary pursuits back in seasons 2 and 3 of the OG. Kudos to Kayla for trying. Baby daddy Sean is supposed to be coming over and keeping in line with all the other friends these shows muster up for camera time, this one wastes no time playing into Kayla’s fears over cheating. Kayla proves to us all that she has not slipped into being totally crazy by only talking about going to his house to see what he is doing. Clearly, there is no trust between them.  

Jade: Jade’s parents live in a hotel. The common-sense award goes to Jade. She knows exactly what her parents are up to. I sure hope she can get some education because she would make a great parole officer or addiction counselor.

Brianna: You know what MTV? When a young woman chases down a car barefoot we want to see it, not hear about it with cartoon graphics. At the very least we expect you to dust off the footage of Jenelle Evans screaming and chasing down Kieffer Delp in the car and stamp ‘Dramatic Reenactment’ on the bottom. Anyway, this whole fight just seems so immature. Sure she felt left out because Danae wanted to go out. And sure, demanding to be invited and changing her mind after chasing the car down would have been frustrating for those in the car. But it’s a pretty obvious point that you shouldn’t leave someone you care about barefoot and four blocks from home (pregnant or not). If this is in any way the norm for their relationship they both need to get out now. Also, I get the mom/boyfriend struggles and drama at this age. But again, Danae didn’t actually knock her up. So I’m not sure that I get why a mother would encourage a relationship with such terrific fighting. Playing house isn’t helping these two with this relationship.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap -Baby Shower Blowup

Round 3

Kayla: Stephan just wants to have fun. Which is why you should use birth control dude!

Lexi: If you haven’t already guessed it, Kyler gets the quote of the week with his gem of comparing their relationship to a fly caught in a spider’s web. Just to be clear Kyler, if you are implying Lexi is the spider in this situation, we are all on team spider.

Brianna: The good has to outweigh the bad to make a relationship worth it. I hope we get to see a few good moments from these two.

Jade: Jade’s grandma apparently drug tested her mom and it was clean. We are all shocked along with Jade. That said, her parents are placing themselves in a lifestyle that will always make the drugs a temptation and that is tempting fate for people with addiction issues.

Ashely: MTV sets us up for the drama to come with the baby shower. Shen is such a narcissist I just really feel for Bar. I do for Ashley as well since the day should be about her, but poor Bar just can’t win in this situation.

 Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap -Baby Shower Blowup

Round 4

Kayla: Kayla cursed out Stephan in the middle of a party and he comes back the next day to pack his things.

Ashley: Eventually the baby shower just devolves to screaming, which is ‘so embarrassing’ as Ashley sobs. Completely overshadowed in this whole mess is that Bar’s mom before storming out was going to ‘say goodbye’ to her grandchild and Ashley wanted none of it. I’m not saying Ashley doesn’t pick some fights and she sure contributes at the end, but when you are pregnant that is absolutely your body. There is no way anyone should have to let an antagonistic person touch them or talk to their belly.


Author: Jeannie

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