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Once again, the Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers were teased with the idea that OG cast member Jacqueline Laurita might return to the reality show. And once again, Jacqueline shot down the offer and shared her reasons why with the public.

It turns out the reason that the fans were hoping for a Jacqueline return is the same reason she doesn’t want to do it; i.e. she is not down for round 6473 of fighting with Teresa Giudice.

Jacqueline opened up about leaving the show behind in a series of tweets. She wrote, “Chris & I want to do something more meaningful with our lives. We are grateful for the platform #rhonj has given us, so we’d like to use that platform for something that brings value to others & a genuine reflection of who we are. Stay tuned…it’s coming. #ChrisandJacGivingBack.”

Chris And Jac Giving Back actually sounds pretty catchy. Does it mean that Jacqueline and husband Chris Laurita have another show in the works? Or will they focus on giving back away from the reality TV cameras?

Jacqueline doesn’t seem to be against the idea of reality TV in general, but she is just very specific when it comes to her potential costars. Out of last season’s remaining cast members, the only one that Jacqueline would do the show with is Dolores Catania. That’s a pretty lofty request. Could Real Housewives of New Jersey even exist without Teresa?

Jacqueline tweeted, “Love how the media gets everything twisted. I was asked by an executive producer what it would take for me to come back to #RHONJ…I said full time and a whole new cast. Lol! (Dolores can stay.) I don’t like the direction it’s going in anymore.”

Neither do I and that’s why I wanted Jacqueline back on the show. The direction that I foresee is boring. I’m hoping they bring in some great new cast members to shake things up, but if Jacqueline did return, it would guarantee excitement, arguments with Teresa, and several meme-worthy moments.

Just in case Jacqueline wasn’t clear about disliking every current cast member aside from Dolores, she made a not-so-nice comment on a photo Dolores posted with Teresa. Dolores captioned the photo with “So many years of friendship, we are definitely cut from the same cloth! @teresagiudice.” That description did not sit well with Jacqueline who commented, “Really??? I don’t think so…. Which part of the cloth?” She also followed that up with “Loving your hair like that Dolores!”

Jacqueline Laurita Shares What It Would Take For Her To Return To Real Housewives Of New Jersey; Shades Teresa Giudice

See, this is the kind of thing I would love to see play out on the show. Is it too late for Jacqueline to change her mind? Apparently so. In another tweet, Jacqueline insisted, “I’m a very positive person & I’m very happy with my life. I love my family & I love my friends. I want to do positive things. I love sharing my journey & knowledge I’ve gained along the way. I love helping people and that’s what I am going to continue to do @ChrisandJacGB.”

Yes, that is a new Twitter account that she mentioned at the end. As of this moment, it has zero tweets and is following zero accounts, but it looks like Jacqueline just used the momentum from Real Housewives of New Jersey casing intrigue to draw attention to her next project. Very smart, girl.

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