Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Cutting The Cord

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Recap:

We get our first baby of the season and here’s hoping that all the daddies can be as attentive and nurturing as Sean’s first night home with Jade Cline and baby Kloie! If not, we have to hope that hard hitting relative like Aunt Vania will come in and set them straight! Let’s dive in to the latest episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant!

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Recap:

Round 1

Jade: Jade and Sean got into a big fight but sit down to talk it out. I am actually buying that they are young and scared. Having your first baby is intimidating.

Lexi Tatman: Kyler on the other hand is not too stressed out about the fact that his first child could come any time. His mom is. And his little brother seems jazzed about being an uncle, but Kyler can’t really find the energy to do more than throw a ball around the park and eat. Lexi is setting up the crib. She is trying to negotiate Kyler’s visitation with her parents.

Ashley Jones: After all of the effort last episode it seems no one is on the same page. Bar realizes that he may have told both his mom and Ashley what they wanted to hear, which means he made conflicting promises. Shen plans to force her way to the hospital to see her grand baby regardless of what anyone thinks. This has me wondering what any of them mean. Does Shen plan to visit after the baby is born? Or does she plan to be there for the actual labor and delivery? Also, in my experience hospitals and maternity wards have pretty strict security so you can limit visitors by just not giving them codes to come to that floor. I’m guessing those security measures were put in place because of people like Shen.

Brianna: Brianna and Danae are visiting his family in Chicago. We learn that Danae followed Brianna to Wisconsin. Danae seems really happy around his family. We also learn that the baby is being named Braeson, for the first two letters of Brianna’s name and the last two letters of Danae’s. It is different and creative. I hope that Brianna is serious about keeping Danae in Braeson’s life regardless of their relationship status.

Kayla Sessler: Are we shocked that Stephan is late for the baby shower? Also, when it comes to décor and baby shower prep let your mom do it. Stephan doesn’t strike me as being particularly in tune with design and baby themes. I really appreciated the juxtaposition of a slurry of f-bombs being dropped while the camera focused on an elderly woman with a walker.

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Recap:

Round 2

Lexi: Lexi and Kyler are cleaning up a changing table. They seem to start making progress with discussing plans for when the baby comes, only for Kyler to declare he doesn’t make plans so its all up to Lexi. He certainly is a charmer.

Jade: Jade has invited three people with her to what she hopes is her last doctor’s appointment. She and her mom get into a big fight just before the doctor walks in. He can clearly feel the awkward vibes and tension and Jade’s mom pleads for him to get the baby out.

Ashley:  Ashley tells us that she and Bar got into a fight and were joined by her mom this time. We are then treated to a heated discussion between Ashley and Pastor Tea. Based on Momma Tea’s yelling I bet she makes a good pastor. She just has a nice voice even as she yells that she’ll “storm whenever she wants to” because this is “my house.”

Brianna: So both Danae and Brianna cheated on each other. Brianna feels more judged because she is carrying the evidence of her transgression by walking around pregnant.

Jade: We go back to Jade who is in labor and checked in to the hospital. At first Sean is on the computer but as labor progresses along with Jade’s pain he holds her hand and acts attentive. No one knows where Jade’s mom is. Hours later she shows up. Jade can finally start pushing and we get our first baby of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant! At 7 pounds 7 ounces baby Kloie is here!

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Recap:

Round 3

Lexi: Kyler is playing catch with a friend and facing the fact that he is about to be a father. Lexi is terrified and focused on the plan for the first week. An outsider might wonder what week 2 will bring but perhaps these two do need to get through week one before they can get the strength to think beyond that.

Kayla: Kayla is upset with Stephan but trying to put on a brave face. Even Stephan’s family has written him off as his aunt Vania says “We don’t care anything about that we are here for the baby.” Aunt Vania gives Stephan an earful as she leaves. She has high standards and lets Stephan know she expects him to step up. All of these daddies could use an Aunt Vania (can we get her to make a trip to Colorado to talk to Kyler).

Ashley:  Bar is talking to his mom on the phone. We sure get a lot of scenes with Shen on the iphone. Shen apparently has some health concerns and can’t get the doctor’s clearance to come see the baby in the hospital. Bar seems incredibly relieved (this seems to be a divine miracle so maybe Pastor Tea was praying overtime). Ashley and her mom work things out as her sister oversees the conversation.

Brianna: Brianna calls her mom after her fight with Danae. She then talks to Robin. Danae gets upset that his mom sticks up for Brianna. I think the larger issue is that Danae feels alone in Wisconsin because Brianna’s mom is always picking and doesn’t ever see things from his side. Robin seems incredibly level headed, I just wish she were closer to these two on a daily basis.

Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Recap:

Round 4

Kayla: Kayla retrieves an upset Stephan from the bathroom. He may be struggling quite a bit with these changes. Kayla starts to feel for him despite having been angry that morning. While she doesn’t want to completely let go of her annoyance with Stephan she also doesn’t want to see anyone she cares about upset.

Jade: And just like that, Jade swoops in to steal the quote of the week by saying her “vagina feels like its on fire with f-ing gasoline” on the way home from the hospital. Sean rather tenderly takes care of Jade and baby Kloie. He looks great without a video game controller in his hands!


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