Cynthia Bailey is sad about Will
The Real Housewives of Atlanta members are caught up arguing about John Legend tickets, bugs in the bathroom, and who looked best in her Halloween costume.

Don’t get me wrong, most of that does amount to entertaining television, but it is all admittedly trivial stuff. The (lack of) seriousness of those story lines is all put in perspective given the news that Cynthia Bailey went through surgery to remove a tumor.

Cynthia discussed her surgery to remove a benign tumor in an interview with Us Weekly. She revealed, “I noticed a slight raised lump on my back near my lefty shoulder blade about 2 months ago. At first I thought I had been bitten by something, or it was just back fat. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that it was still there & seemed to be growing.”

She shared, “I went to the doctor and was told that it was lymphoma, a fatty tumor.” Cynthia admitted, “I was scared because as soon as I heard the word ‘tumor,’ I immediately thought cancer.”

Cynthia explained, “Surgery went well, however it went much longer than expected because the tumor was embedded very deeply in my back & partially under a muscle.” She added, “It was also larger than expected. In the end, thankfully all the lymphoma was removed successfully and it is benign.”

Before the Us Weekly Interview, Cynthia posted a selfie on March 29 with the caption “Early doctor appointment today. Had a little health scare. Thankfully I’m ok.”

On April 3, Cynthia posted a photo of a balloon with the caption “Grateful surgery went well this morning & was so happy my mom was there with me. Came home to this beautiful balloon from @ohlalacompany_. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m feeling good #healthiswealth #speedyrecovery.”

On April 4, Cynthia shared a photo of some flowers and balloons with the caption, “Thanks for the beautiful flowers. Meant a lot coming from you. I am feeling better today. Thanks for the love & well wishes you guys.”

On April 5, Cynthia shared, “Feeling MUCH better today & the love just keeps coming! Thank you my friend.” Thank god.

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