Ashley Darby Says Karen Huger’s “Arrogance Is Unbecoming And Has Rubbed Many People The Wrong Way”

Let’s start with the good news: Karen Huger is carrying Season 3 of Real Housewives of Potomac on her back. Or at least that’s a positive spin on the situation. She is the most talked about cast member (by far) and she has the most public story line. The bad news is that Karen has delusions of grandeur about her financial situation and appears to be less than truthful about her husband’s millions of dollars in tax debt.

No one is buying what Karen is selling, but if they were, she could use the extra cash (allegedly). The Housewives and the fans are all suspicious of Karen’s explanations of her financial situation. During the last episode, Karen held a press conference (without the press) just made things worse. Just like the rest of the cast members, Ashley Darby is calling out Karen for her inconsistencies.

In her Bravo blog post, Ashley was asked about Karen driving up to Monique Samuels’ home in a new car. Ashley wrote, “Listen, you know that saying about men who drive big trucks having small privates? I think that pretty much sums this up – Karen is severely trying to overcompensate for the money issues they’re having. Humility is just not a word in her vocabulary.” The word “humility” is definitely not a part of Karen’s lexicon, but neither is any tax terminology.

So what did Ashley think of that failed attempt at a press conference? She wrote, “Because Karen is always trying to pull wool over someone’s eyes, the no-press conference is just another example of how her schemes backfire. She came dressed in fatigues like she was going hunting but ended up getting hunted. Only guilty people get upset about being asked reasonable questions.” As the host of that event, Karen should have definitely been more prepared. Then again, she also should have been more familiar with her own family’s financial situation before bragging about her wealth on a reality TV show. Forward thinking is not Karen’s strong suit.

Karen deflected from her financial struggles and feigned ignorance when she brought up some nude photo that Ashley’s husband Michael Darby supposedly sent to someone else. No one had any idea what she was talking about and even if it was true, it had zero relevance to the situation at hand.

Ashley was asked, “What were you thinking when she brought up your husband’s ‘ding-a–ling’?” Ashley answered, “It was quite comical! Unlike Karen (allegedly), I know everything Michael is doing. A fake story about my husband, featuring a faceless grainy picture of some other white man, has no basis. I know it’s whack and have the receipts to firmly validate my truth.” Unlike Karen who has probably shredded and burned all of her receipts.

Ashley said what everyone has been thinking: “On the other hand, Karen has gone around Potomac for YEARS acting high and mighty. That arrogance is unbecoming and has rubbed many people the wrong way (I’ve heard so many overlapping tales).” And she doesn’t even live in Potomac anymore. She’s in Great Falls, but she is still acting like the self-appointed Grand Dame of Potomac.

Ashley concluded, “Now the Washington Post, an internationally recognized and acclaimed publication, has revealed that Karen’s riches are as fake as her teeth. No disputing that fact.” Watch out, Karen. Ashley isn’t playing around.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]