Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Parenting 101

It’s a new week on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Can we offer these kids lessons in Parenting 101? Let’s do it anyway.

  • Help your baby momma come up with a name for your child. And smile while you do it!
  • Put up some kind of bed for your child because it’s a terrible idea to have them sleep between you with pillows!
  • Maternity photos don’t need to be taken on national television in a bra and underwear.
  • Discuss marriage and life goals so you are on the same page, communication is key for a positive relationship.
  • Don’t quit your job! You need money to provide for a baby.
  • Now let’s dive in to the latest episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and come up with 20 more!


Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Parenting 101

Round 1

Brianna: Brianna is having her baby shower. It appears that she and Danae got along for the entirety of this party. That seems notable since most of the baby shower footage we’ve gotten this season was peppered with fighting. They then discuss Danae adopting the baby.

Lexi Tatman: Lexi is participating in one of her last nights cheering before becoming a mom. Any day now she could go into labor.

Jade Cline: Taking care of a newborn is causing Jade more stress than she anticipated. Sean is working 12 hours a day and she calls her mom in tears. Jade also threatens to cuss her grandma out if she doesn’t stop calling her. Through the stress her mom actually seems helpful and supportive. Somehow I envision Jade’s mom as having cussed out her own mother plenty of times throughout their history together – but she does not give Jade her blessing in this regard and advises her against it.

Ashley Jones: In Ashley’s corner of the world, Bar somehow doesn’t see the need for a baby bed (aka crib?). He says that the baby can just sleep between them with pillows. This sounds like a great way for a newborn to get smothered. They then go on a road trip. Side note, I have to give Bar the quote of the week. Your baby doesn’t need a bed? It is really one of the most absurd statements, partially because all recent advice and research suggests having nothing in the bed with a newborn – not even a blanket!

Kayla Sessler: Kayla is on an emotional roller coaster. This statement fades into her nagging Stephan as he puts together a baby swing. After some solid nagging about how he better put that swing together right she calls out Stephan referring to them as a ‘we’. Stephan responds that he could just walk away at any time but he doesn’t really want to do that. So in general, their relationship seems to be great.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Parenting 101

Round 2

Lexi: Kyler is on board with staying at Lexi’s house and helping for the first week. Lexi pleads for help in making decisions like picking the baby name. Kyler then suggests Tobias. She says she likes that name and then asks if he does. I would have assumed this to be a rhetorical question/posed out of politeness since it was his suggestion. But true to Kyler’s obstinate attitude, he says ‘no, but you’re the one picking it anyway’. Lexi says he is starting to make her mad in the most monotone voice ever. Hey Kyler you’re making us all mad and I hope the reunion schedule affords just enough time for Ashley and Kayla to verbally express our collective frustration because dude, YOU’RE GOING TO BE A DAD – STEP UP AND HELP MAKE SOME DECISIONS.

Brianna: With a due date two weeks away, Brianna starts having contractions and goes into labor. Danae seems quite good in high-stress situations. Naturally, because he and Brianna’s mother are being attentive and supportive and not fighting, her labor seems truly terrible.

After commercial we come back to Brianna who is laboring hard and told she needs a C-Section. Danae and her mom hug as they watch her go. We are seeing them both be supportive and shelve their drama for the sake of Brianna – hey, we’ve seen far worse on the 16 and Pregnant franchise – so kudos folks. Two hours later we get to meet baby number two: Baby Braeson weighing in at 8 pounds 2.5 ounces. Three days later they are all going home together and stop for food. We are treated to whispered conversations about leaving Danae’s name off the birth certificate. I suspect this issue will cause some major issues before this season is over.

Kayla: Kayla is bothered that Stephan is OK with them not being together. Strange, because I feel like we were just hearing her lecture him about how to co-parent while not being together and for the use of his word ‘we’. Anyway, we get to see an ultrasound. And then Kayla goes to get maternity photos but didn’t share or invite Stephan who seems upset about being left out.

Jade: Jade is struggling and lonely trying to take care of baby Kloie. She tells Sean she is feeling low. He doesn’t really recognize her depression or the need to validate any of her feelings. Look, no snarking here because post-partum is a really serious issue and most likely she is just struggling as a lot of moms do. And really, most first-time dads don’t really understand the very real baby blues and depression that can be an issue for those first weeks.

Ashley:  Ashley is taking maternity photos while on vacation. Bar goes hiking with friends and says he is thinking about proposing. All I can focus on is Ashley’s sister. Does she have grills? Is that a thing?

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Parenting 101

Round 3

Lexi: Lexi and Kyler sit down with her parents. They plead for a plan. Any plan really. Lexi’s mom, Amber, asks if they are going to look for jobs and both nod. Somehow, I bet signing the MTV contract was done to buy them time since neither seems excited about working. Let’s note the juxtaposition as Amber is wearing a ‘Life is Good’ hoodie while she cries.

Brianna: Brianna and Danae are working on parenting and surviving a newborn. Brianna’s mom, Jessica, recognizes Danae’s contribution and basically invites him to move in (and he strangely agrees to pay some rent without any sort of fight).

Kayla: Kayla is in the same shirt but has added a pound of makeup and curled her hair. She is now driving around with a friend discussing the same issues. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m really bored with this storyline. She starts her maternity shoot and then Stephan gets there. She goes on to take photos in a bra and underwear as Stephan rests his head against her belly and her mom looks on. Perhaps I’m an ancient curmudgeon but I don’t think I could watch my half naked 17 year old take intimate photos like that.

Ashley:  Ashley is still on vacation. Her friends pepper her with questions about marriage and she says that she is not interested. Oh good, she and Bar are on completely different pages.

Jade: Do Jade and Brianna live in similar style apartments? As they do the flyover I keep expecting the other one. Anyway, Jade is now declaring herself depressed. Sean is home and doesn’t want to talk about work. Suddenly they get into a rather classic fight about being tired. Sean then blows up and says that he put in his two weeks notice at work. So they have no income now until Jade can get cleared to go back to work.

On that cheery note we fade out to the scenes for next week and a Teen Mom After Show.  I am not a fan of these after shows. Nessa is not my favorite host. About the only thing of note is that Tyler is there wearing a ‘With Lowry’ sweatshirt? Is this him picking a side in a feud? I’m going to have to google because it makes me think he’s taking Kailyn’s side in something and I want to know more.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Parenting 101


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