Monique Samuels Describes Karen Huger’s Press Conference As “A Disaster”

I would love to know why Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger thought it as a good idea to pull up to Monique Samuels’ home with a new $100,000 car while her husband Ray Huger is swimming in millions of dollars in tax debt. It just came off like a blatant deflection to me.

On top of that, the press conference (lacking the press) during the last episode did not do Karen any favors. Her attempts to repair her image are really falling flat, but the silver lining is that she is the most-talked-about cast member of Season 3. She is really making this season interesting and I am all for it.

Monique opened up about Karen’s new purchase in a Bravo blog post. Monique admitted, ‘My first thought was, “Wow this car is everything!’ I’m such a car person! My next thought was wondering why someone with tax issues would make a large purchase like this.” To deflect and buy time until her next deflection?

Monique continued, “Although Karen says she didn’t know about the tax debt and the debt is technically not hers, I would personally think it would be best to avoid making lavish purchases. I would want to learn more about how the tax issue would not only impact Ray’s business, but also the impact on personal finances.” Unfortunately that course of action is is just too logical and considerate for Karen to pursue.

Monique wrote, “Also, as the IRS looks deeper into how they can be repaid, I wouldn’t want them to think I wasn’t taking the issue seriously by spending large amounts of money. Even though Ray and Karen file taxes separately, this may be a time in their life where Karen has to be the help he needs when it comes to their finances. She may have to now support him in the way he supported her all of these years mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.” Especially now that she’s getting those Bravo checks and sponsored Instagram posts.

She continued, “The real question is what Ray was thinking when she came home with a $100,000 vehicle. Everyone operates differently so I believe Karen will do what’s best for her and her family.” Let’s hope so.

Aside from blessing us all with some hilarious television, Karen’s attempt at a press conference wasn’t a good move to make. Monique admitted, “The ‘Press Conference’ with no press was a disaster as far as I’m concerned. I thought I was coming to a dinner meeting with friends and found peanuts and water at the table in a dull room, in the back of the restaurant.” I don’t get how Karen expected the women to be nice to her when she was starving them. Or maybe she was just (finally) trying to be fiscally responsible and didn’t want to pay for food and drinks when she knew the press conference would end abruptly anyway.

Monique explained that she wanted to be there for Karen, but the way the press conference played out just made that a very tough task. She wrote, “I also thought the reason was for Karen to address us with answers so that there would be no need for conversation behind her back. I just wanted to know what we were dealing with, this way if I need to defend my friend, I would have all of the answers. I’m a loyal friend and I can’t ‘ride’ for you if I do not fully know you.” Fair enough.

She continued, “Karen and I have been cordial to each other at this point, but we have never truly gotten to know one another. Although at times I’m a bit skeptical about who she is, I really want to give her a chance and get to know the real Karen Huger.” I don’t know if that’s possible, girl. She’s so wrapped up in these delusions of grandeur that I doubt she’s going to be open and honest with anyone, let alone a costar on this show.

On a lighter note, Monique discussed her first meeting with new Housewife Candiace Dillard at Ashley Darby’s brunch event. She recapped, “When I met Candiace, it was love at first sight! LOL! She is beautiful, bubbly, can talk as much (if not more) than me, very loud, and very confident. She is my type of girlfriend! Our energy fed off each other’s and while we conversed, we were in our own loud, energetic heaven!”

The only person who didn’t seem to be feeling the instant best friendship was the odd woman out: Ashley. Was she a little bit jealous or was she a victim of some shady editing? Monique wrote, “There was so much positive energy that even when Ashley tried to stir drama with her question of, ‘Which one of the women was I referring to,’ I quickly ignored it. The conversation I had with Candiace is the type of fun conversation and connection I believe has been missing among this group of ladies.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]