Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

This episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is titled the Co-Parent Trap. I find this title clever. Or I did, until I wondered if these kids were old enough to even get the movie reference and looked up the dates. The Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap was made in 1998! It’s 20 years old, the same age as the oldest two girls and OLDER than the other three. So now I feel ancient. That said, the 1998 remake was a decent movie. And the 1961 original is worth the watch as well. I also didn’t know that the original movie was based off of a book, but that makes sense for Disney. Anyway, I guess we should jump in and see what’s going on with our young moms and dads.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Round 1

Brianna: Brianna and Danae are eating and holding baby Braeson. They then give him a bath and bicker. Brianna is getting tired as motherhood sets in and she and Danae are starting to fight more.

Kayla Sessler: Kayla’s due date is a week away. She calls Stephan to request a call back and then goes on a collage visit. While there, she visits with staff and one plugs a work program, while the other makes a mention that she was 16 and pregnant and managed to make it through college. I feel like production and the college were in cahoots here. They never really made mention of these women’s titles. So I believe she was 16 and pregnant, but I feel like they sought out staff with a story like this and just implied she worked in admissions. I shouldn’t complain, it was at least a break from complaining about Stephan.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Lexi Tatman: Lexi and Kyler are actually working on choosing a baby name. We then fade in to random shots of Colorado small-town scenery and Lexi in labor. After a commercial break we are back to Lexi in labor. Kyler seems as supportive as we’d have guessed. The other dads are really showing him up. But we finally get to meet baby 3: Tobias Ryker Lopez-DeLuna weighing in at 6 pounds 14.5 ounces.

Jade Cline: Jade and Sean are fighting. She calls her mom. We learn that she thinks Sean lied about quitting his job and that he actually got fired. Jade goes out to the living room and picks a fight with him. She complains he only pays attention to the baby – not her. They scream and the baby wails. Jade then leaves with the baby.

Ashley Jones: Ashley is 40 weeks pregnant and having contractions. She mentions that she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time at the hospital to have the baby (foreshadowing folks). She goes into labor. Bar seems attentive. I would like Bar to be able to give Kyler lessons. After 30 hours of labor they begin discussing a C-section with Ashley.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Round 2

Brianna: Danae asks Brianna if she is going to do laundry. Then Danae plays with fire and asks about the dishes. Now I truly think he was joking. The tone seemed to be a joke. But Brianna takes it the wrong way and gets pissy. She storms around collecting laundry. Danae seems really quite good with the baby but this point is lost in the laundry argument. As Brianna goes to throw things in the washer she kicks something out of the way in the middle of the hallway (I’m not entirely sure why I thought this was odd but it caught my attention). Anyway, Brianna comes back to Danae preparing to go outside with the baby. She tells him no, he can’t take the baby outside and they argue a bit before Danae leaves.

Commercial Break: Teen Mom 2 is coming back on May 7th, just in case you’ve missed that brand of drama.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Ashley:  38 hours in labor they make the call for a C-section. Everyone is choked up as a nurse tells them they have a new baby in the family. Bar comes back with baby pictures and it’s a nice moment for the show. Baby number 4 is here: Holly Isabella Lockett-Smith, 7 pounds 10 ounces. Why am I so impressed with Bar? Is it Kyler/editing making him look good? At any rate, please don’t let us down, buddy.

Kayla: Kayla gets home and talks to her mom, Jaime. Jaime asks for a plan. Shockingly there doesn’t seem to be one. We have to talk about Stephan again. Nothing new.

Lexi: Lexi and her family are going home. They wash the baby’s face and Lexi says she likes having Kyler by her side (why do I get the feeling the editors purposely include these quotes to set us up for future drama?).

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Round 3

Brianna: Brianna tells her sister she and Danae have been fighting daily. She says she’s snatched the baby away while fighting, which she admits is petty. A pretty epic fight is looming.

Jade: Jade is going to stay with a friend. She complains about Sean for a while. Her friend meanwhile has the cutest dog in her lap. Anyway, again she says that Sean gives all his attention to the baby and video games and leaves her out. She says if he just wants to be a dad they don’t need to be together.

We get some Teen Mom 2 teasers promising drama between Kailyn and Brianna DeJesus. All I can say is Javi should have known better and stayed away from Miss Brianna – hey, Kail only had one baby daddy when he got with her and how complicated was that? Bri was up to two and he should have known better.

Ashley: Bar is talking to Shen on the phone. Shen actually felt empathy for Ashley and her labor. Alert the media! (We know social media has already been informed.) Pastor Tea and Ashley discuss her new reality on the way home from the hospital.  

Kayla: Kayla and a friend get ice cream. Frozen custard, actually. I’m much more interested in the frozen custard at this point and they don’t really let us get a good look at it. On the way home she leaves another message for Stephan. This time she plays the old – I could be calling to say I’m in labor – card. Don’t worry, Kayla he would have gotten that message because he is screening your calls because you only call to nag at him! Later she talks to her mom again and they have the same conversation as before. They have the same nose.

Brianna: I’m now convinced that Brianna and Jade live in nearly identical apartment complexes. Brianna brings up the issue of their fighting with Danae. She acknowledges that she keeps the baby from him when they fight and that it is wrong. Danae takes this as a reminder that the baby is more Brianna’s and that this is like a form of abuse. I’m guessing it probably does meet the definition of emotional abuse. Brianna pleads for a chance to try again.

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Recap: Co-Parent Trap

Jade: Jade’s parents called in the middle of the night so she has to reconcile with Sean to get them into the apartment. She tells him that she doesn’t want to work on their relationship. He cries behind a closed door. She goes to talk to him but while he says he can get past their history, Jade says that she can’t. It’s really heartbreaking to hear the pain in their voices. Honestly, my favorite part of the first season of a reality show is the true, raw, human emotion we occasionally get before they learn to hide from the cameras or to start acting for them. To watch a true breakup, especially when one person wants to keep trying is heartbreaking. Sean has some poor qualities, but he really does have some redeeming qualities as well. I feel like a guy who lets your parents crash at a moment’s notice, even in the middle of a fight with you, has some good in him. I wish she could see this. But Jade also admits she’s done and perhaps she is wise to move on rather than keep fighting in front of the baby. It seems like a big emotional toll.

They show us some highlights for next week and it seems like we have to be getting close to the end of the season.



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