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At this point, Season 3 of Real Housewives of Potomac might as well be The Karen Huger Show. Sure, there are other things happening, but all roads lead back to Karen Huger. Even if Karen isn’t in a scene or at an event, she is usually the main topic of conversation.

It’s easy to look at this as good thing and it’s also easy to view it as bad thing.  So what does the self-proclaimed Grand Dame of Potomac think about her husband Ray Huger’s financial problems being the main story line on the show?

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Karen said, “I have to own my true. To be honest with you, bad things do happen to good people. Ray does not deserve this and the best thing I could do is stand beside my man and soldier up and that was really sexy as hell.” I’m all for looking at the glass half full, but in what universe does owing millions of dollars in taxes equate to “sexy as hell”?

Karen insisted, “It’s in our rear view mirror. We’re better for it. He’s in a better place. They’ve struck a deal. Good Lord. Hallelujah. Ray’s the bomb. I really grew a lot from that experience because it wasn’t about me. It was about making sure my man is OK.” She couldn’t elaborate on that “deal,” but she did say, “I wish could. I’m restrained legally.”

As if the financial troubles weren’t enough to deal with, Karen also had to handle the rest of the cast using her life for punch lines on the show. She admitted, “I was very disappointed in them, but we’ve come a long way since them. To see it in film, I can’t tell you it didn’t take me back to that feeling of disappointment.” She later said, “I was hoping that they would be better people than that, but in the end they do show that they are better people. It just took a while. We went on a journey in this group, this season.”

Karen revealed, “Some of them truly are friends. I would say Monique [Samuels] is a friend. That grew along the way. Candiace [Dillard] is a friend. I like Candiace. I like the young girl. You go girl, you’re so full of energy. I needed that around me. To be honest, she’s funny as hell and can sing her ass off. That’s a plug for you, Candiace.”

The Potomac Housewife explained, “Being around these women- while not always positive- was a distraction. They helped and didn’t even know they were helping. I think that’s what friends do sometimes. They think they’re causing negative things, but they’re really  bringing good, so keep bringing it. I’m good.” And at the very least, she is the center of attention on this show, which I’m sure she’s into, even though the spotlight is partially negative.

Karen kind of/sort of gave Gizelle Bryant a compliment when she said, “At the very bottom of Gizelle’s toe nail, she is a friend. Gizelle, I’ve know her the longest. I know Gizelle will always come around.” She continued, “Robyn [Dixon] and I have our differences. I’ve known her the least. I will say that at the end of the day, I do think that there’s all good in these women.That’s the thing that we have in common.” What about Ashley Darby? She is the only cast member that Karen did not reference during the podcast. Was that shady? Or is it merely a coincidence?

Karen continued, “Without coming to me and talking to me directly and really growing with as grown women should, they just pick up the agenda of the girl next door that they’re sitting beside. I don’t have any respect for that type of lack of growth because if you’re really a good friend, you come on and get to know me- which Monique did, which Candiace did. I think Gizelle, she’s trying. I think Robyn is gonna come around too.” Once again there is no mention of Ashley. Very interesting.

Karen hinted that Candiace might be a bit of a polarizing character. She said, “I like Candiace. Candiace has grown on me.” Then she warned, “Some of the girls have questions about her. She can get on your nerves. She’ll sing at every drop of a hat. That child got a song in her heart for days.I’m just sayin’. After you get past that, there’s such a beautiful person. I like her mom. Her mom rocks. Certainly I like her fiance. Great guy. It’s just refreshing and she’s sharp-witted. I like a girl that can hold her own in this lion’s den.”

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