Candiace Dillard Shades Ashley Darby, Gizelle Bryantm & Robyn Dixon; Defends Karen Huger

During the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, we “met” the newest Housewife Candiace Dillard. She was introduced as a “friend” of Ashley Darby’s, but it really doesn’t seem like the two of them are super close. Candiace got along with Monique Samuels right away and she didn’t meet the other ladies at that point, but she did watch the episode and she has plenty of opinions about everything that went down.

Candiace shared her opinions on Karen Huger’s failed press conference, Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and the rest of the girls after watching the episode.

In her first Bravo blog post, Candiace wrote, “I find it oddly humorous to hear Ashley refer to Monique and I as little barking chihuahuas when…girl, have you heard the squeaks and squalls that come up out of your mouth??”

This is a Real Housewives cliche that happens far too often: a Housewife “introduces” a new girl that she’s not really close with to the cast, the new girl bonds with someone else, and the woman who made the introduction gets jealous and territorial. We’ve only seen Candiace for one episode, so I have no idea if that’s actually what ended up happening, but Ashley really didn’t seem pleased to see Monique and Candiace getting along at her brunch while she sat their in silence.

Obviously Candiace hit it off with Monique right away. She wrote, “Monique is bae!!! I love her energy and her spirit. She’s fun and likes to laugh (loud). She’s a little shady boot, which always makes for a fun time! She keeps it real! At this point, I’m excited to get to know her better! There’s nothing like good ol’ Girl Time and the fact that we both have a Chris, we OBVI have great taste in men. What else could you ask for in a new friend?”

Candiace teased, “The ebbs and flows of a new friendship can certainly make for an interesting journey though. Let’s see where it goes…” Is that her way of saying that this instant connection goes south or is she just piquing our curiosity for the rest of the season?

Candiace didn’t get the press conference invite, but she did admit, “This press conference had me hollering! From the peanuts and water to the haphazardly ripped out sheets of notebook paper and number 2 pencils, I felt like class really WAS in session: the class of classic reads. When I tell you I DIED in my chair when Karen asked if Michael [Darby] was indicted for having his ding-a-ling swinging across the internet? Girl!!!”

One episode in and Candiace has no problem throwing some shade: “Now, God forbid the demon of taxation comes into my household honey, I wish my friends would gossip and tweet and carry on all over the interwebs about me. Liiiike…Karen, find better friends. Furthermore, you can’t teach paupers how to live in luxury and you cannot expect the penniless to understand the business of handing millions of dollars. I feel like GizelleRobyn and Ashley need to pipe down on the money shade and get their own coins up. Focus on self.” The new girl is ready to bring it.

Just like the other women in the cast, Candiace shared, “I wish Karen would have been more up front in her answers as it seemed a bit like she was circumventing the full facts or truths. And if you’re going to call a press conference (with no press), why not tell the whole truth?”

Candiace didn’t say that she doesn’t get along with Gizelle and Robyn this season, but she didn’t have to. She wrote, “It really reared its ugly head watching Gizelle make those hater t-shirts. Like, girl. Don’t you have children? Aren’t you trying to hold on to a man? How do you find time to iron letters onto a shirt tearing down a woman you’re supposedly friends with? I feel like Robyn tries to be mean and it just comes off tired and weary. I felt like she was essentially riding with Gizelle on the Karen tax debt gossip to fit in.”

Most of the cast members did not have sympathy for Karen thanks to her lack of honesty, but Candiace wrote, “I truly felt for Karen watching everything she was going through. Having your personal, financial hardships plastered all over the World Wide Web and in the Washington Post is mortifying to say the least. I feel for her and her family.” I agree with all of that.

The one thing I don’t agree with is this statement: “Overall, I applaud Karen for her handling of the entire tax debt debacle.” Really? The blatant lies, the refusal to answer basic questions, and that failed press conference? That cannot be the best way to handle that situation.

Candiace wrote, “If there are any takeaways, the truest nugget Karen dropped on us was, ‘You’ve got to make millions to owe millions.'” I don’t know about that one. Candiace concluded, “HA! That’s one thing my parents taught me growing up, building their empires: the more you make, the more taxes you pay. But pay them, though. Lol.”
[Photo Credit: Bravo]