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Robyn Dixon Says Monique Samuels Has “Inner Beef, Hatred, & Obsession” With Her & Gizelle Bryant

When Monique Samuels initially brought up her car accident on Real Housewives of Potomac, she didn’t expect it to turn into a storyline about her drinking. She mentioned it in the context that she is so busy and so tired that she fell asleep behind the wheel before she crashed and fell into a ditch.

Monique wrecked her car after she went to lunch with Ashley Darby– who claimed that Monique had four drinks before driving. Now, Ashley, Gizelle Bryant, and Robyn Dixon are questioning Monique’s drinking habits.

Robyn discussed the last RHOP episode in a Bravo blog post.  Robyn admitted, “From the minute I walked in the room, I felt something off with Monique. I was so confused by her demeanor because we all had just left Nemacolin on a good note, sharing a huge laugh and having fun girl time in the hot tub.” That “good note” was not going to last for long. This is a Real Housewives show, after all.

Robyn continued, “So when Monique starting going off on Ashley, I couldn’t believe it. The way she was screaming, turning red, and calling names (What the hell is a ‘bottom behind trick’ anyway?) came out of nowhere. If Ashley really exaggerated regarding the number of drinks Monique had, Monique should have taken her own advice and addressed Ashley while in Nemacolin.” But this makes for much more explosive television.

Robyn took a break from analyzing Monique’s behavior to call out Karen Huger: “Karen made a great decision in kicking us out. All of that yelling at her event was totally out of line, unnecessary, and embarrassing”- but again, this makes for much more explosive television than if Karen handled the situation rationally.

Robyn wrote, “I honestly still don’t know the answer. I’m not sure how my genuine concern about Monique and her car crash turned into something to be angry about. Nobody was criticizing, chastising, or vilifying Monique about her drinking, we just didn’t want the same thing to happen again. It was so ridiculous for Monique to all of a sudden play victim as if I had bad intentions and was trying to hurt her.” Robyn and the rest of the ladies had very valid points when it comes to being careful when alcohol is involved- but did they come across as caring when they expressed their concerns to Monique? Not so much.

Robyn recalled, “At that point, I could not take one word she was saying seriously. Listening to her ramble on about the ‘Green-Eyed Bandits’, ‘mean girls’ and ‘Pinky and the Brain’ really made it more and more clear that Monique’s issue is with the messenger, not necessarily the message.”

She concluded, “I absolutely did not attend Karen’s event with the intention of getting into an argument or confrontation but unfortunately whatever inner beef, hatred, and obsession Monique has with me and Gizelle got the best of her. And did Mighty Mouth think I’d be intimidated by her? Hilarious. ‘Get in my face and say that and see what happens.’ Ask and you shall receive.”

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