Robyn Dixon Says Monique Samuels “Doesn’t Want To Take Responsibility” For Her Car Accident

Unfortunately it has become a Real Housewives rite of passage to be questioned for drinking. Now it’s Monique Samuels turn in the hot seat on Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon and the other Housewives couldn’t believe that Monique got in the car after the “four drinks” Ashley Darby alleged she had at lunch.

Monique insisted that she wasn’t drunk and that she was just exhausted from a busy schedule. Robyn and the other women just weren’t buying it though.

Robyn opened up about the last RHOP episode in a Bravo blog post. She confessed, “The thought alone of not only crashing your car but waking up in a ditch is terrifying and gives me chills just thinking about it. I truly was thankful that Monique was safe and no one was injured, but I was also concerned about the circumstances that led to the crash. All I could think about was how lucky Monique was to be alive.”

Robyn admitted, “Anytime a person drinks and drives into a ditch is a huge cause for concern. So after Ashley told me that Monique had four drinks when Monique told the ladies that she had only had two drinks, I was concerned. If Monique had four drinks and is brushing off her accident as simply being tired, then that itself is a problem.” Why couldn’t she just get an Uber? Or hire a driver? Or even expense a ride to and from lunch on production?

Robyn wrote, “It did not sound like Monique was taking responsibility for her actions and I would hate for her to be in that situation again, possibly facing worse consequences. Driving under the influence is not something that should just be brushed off lightly and not taken seriously. If Monique really did have a serious problem, then it would have been wrong for all of us not to address it.”

Monique should have just admitted that she shouldn’t have got behind the wheel and promise not to do it again, but that’s not what happened. Robyn admitted, “I was a little perplexed by Monique’s response. It didn’t sound like she wanted to take responsibility for the situation. ‘I normally can go five martinis before I start throwing up.’Say what? We aren’t talking about being blackout wasted, we are talking about being impaired just enough to fall asleep and crash your car.” Mentioning how many drinks she could down before puking didn’t help build her case.

Robyn added, “And being tired is definitely a side effect of drinking too much. Although Monique talked herself out of this (as she does everything else), I do hope and believe that she has been able to look back and process what happened and vows to make better choices in the future.”

Monique’s car accident was the main topic discussed during the episode, which is why it was so random for Karen Huger to randomly call out Robyn for being “the dizziest bitch at the table.” Dizzy? Did she actually mean to say “ditsy”? What was Karen even talking about?

Robyn had no idea what was going on either. She admitted, “That whole exchange at that table was baffling to say the least. I really found it comical that out of nowhere, Karen was bringing up old issues and calling names. But the champagne was clearly flowing and talking that night so I wasn’t fazed at all by what Karen said and actually was quite entertained!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]