Candiace Dillard Describes Ashley Darby’s Behavior As “One Large Deflection From Her Own Heavy Baggage”

The past few episodes of Real Housewives of Potomac have centered around Ashley Darby’s claim that Monique Samuels had four martinis before she got into a car accident.

The last episode of the show began where the previous one left off: Ashley and Robyn Dixon arguing with an umbrella-wielding Monique. Even though Ashley is the one who “introduced” Candiace Dillard to the cast, Candiace made it clear that she’s on Monique’s side at this moment.

Candiace discussed the fight in the street in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “Watching it back now though, it looked to me like ‘Pinky and the Brain’ were trying to push Monique’s buttons…Robyn was the wind up toy and Gizelle [Bryant] was the turn-key operator. Unfortunately, it worked. It’s disappointing to see a group of friends carrying on like they were. Getting to a better place should be everyone’s goal going forward because as friends, this is pretty low.”

After the big blow up, Monique told Charrisse Jackson-Jordan that the toughest part of the confrontation was realizing that she didn’t make real friends like she thought she did. Candiace wrote, “I definitely wasn’t expecting to see her cry at that moment! I thought I was going to be the only waterworks friend in this group, lol. It was very telling to see Monique break down with Charrisse. It was a moment of insight into a genuine, human person who truly thought she was making real connections with real people.”

Candiace admitted, “I really felt for her as I doubt Ashley was thinking at all about how her irresponsible mouth and recklessness would affect Monique.” Let’s be real: the only thing she was thinking about was a story line for this show and the possibility of a Season 4.

It seemed like Ashley and Monique made up at (a martini-free) lunch. Nevertheless, Monique shared her reservations during an on-camera interview and Ashley continued to shade Monique. One step forward and two steps back. Candiace wrote, “I’m an optimist at heart so I want to believe it’s genuine. Ashley really lays it on thick with her ‘deep’ apology and lamentations about wishing she could take back what she said…just to punctuate her remorse with another dig??? ‘Make no mistake, I made no mistake.’What the hell is that?” Someone who enjoys stirring the pot.

Candiace continued, “I just need someone to help me understand what twilight zone Ashley lives in that she thinks she going to maintain long term friendships going in on people like this? It all feels like one large deflection from her own heavy baggage. It’s like some stage 5 Bag Lady foolishness with this girl! She missed the bus, so now she’s just out here whacking everybody with her messy luggage in retaliation. Let it go girl…pack light…”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]