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Did Ashley Jacobs Hit On Other Men In The Southern Charm Cast?

It’s safe to say that Ashley Jacobs is the most polarizing character in all five seasons of Southern Charm– which is saying an awful lot considering who else is on this show.

Nevertheless, Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend has managed to rub just about everyone in the cast the wrong way. Not only that, but it is possible that she hit on some of her man’s costars. Sure, that’s up for debate, but Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Shep Rose and Austen Kroll discuss what went down.

During an episode of the Southern Charm After Show, Craig stated, “I was always real cordial with Ashley.” So was everyone- until she opened her mouth and offended just about every cast member.

Craig explained, “I actually enjoyed talking to her and then it always kind of got weird with her where it would get intense real quick. She started to talk like ‘If you were a few years older, I’d totally be dating you. You’re who I would want to date.” Who says that to someone when they have a boyfriend? Especially when the other guy is her boyfriend’s friend. Is that just an awkwardly worded compliment or is it inappropriate?

Austen asked Craig, “But do you take that as her really hitting on you? Or her just trying to say something sweet like ‘Oh Craig. You’re a good one?'” Fair question.

The sewing enthusiast admitted, “I did get a little uncomfortable because I thought it was a bizarre thing to say.” Austen agreed and said, “It is a bizarre thing to say.” Even so, Craig did backtrack a little bit and added, “I took it at as a compliment. Thought it was flattering.”

Austen asked, “How old is she?” And this is why the “compliment” is just a little odd. Craig explained, “That’s the thing. She’s only three years older than me or two years older than me, so some people were like did she really mean ‘If you were a few years older’ or ‘If you were a little wealthier’? I don’t know. I think she might just be saying that she’s attracted to me and I’m just too young for her. And they’re like ‘Why are you too young for her if you guys are the same age?’ I’m like, that’s kind of a good point.” That’s a little suspect. Then again anyone who meets Thomas and immediately moves from across the country might not have the most conventional dating etiquette.

An off-camera producer asked Craig,”Does Thomas know?” Then the story got even more interesting (and suspicious). Craig revealed, “You know what Thomas said, ‘You’re not the first person that’s told me that. That’s apparently her line.'” And that’s apparently no big deal to Thomas.

It gets even crazier though. Whitney shared, “You know what she told me, ‘If it wasn’t for Thomas, you’d be my second choice.’ Like I would have any interest in the world in going out with this person.” Was Ashley just a Southern Charm super fan? Did she also apply to date Shep on his spin-off show? That would not be at all surprising.

Shep commented, “We’re like a shooting gallery and she’s got the f**king shotgun.” A seemingly accurate metaphor.

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