Real Housewives Of New York’s Luann de Lesseps May Have Been “Micromanaging” Volunteers At The San Francisco Pride Parade

Luann de Lesseps

Elegance is learned, my friend. Obviously, no one is a bigger proponent of this sentiment than Real Housewives of New York’s Luann de Lesseps. The Countess has had quite a lot going on after a drunken arrest and subsequent rehab stint, but she’s also trying to rebuild her life…and her image. Luann has expressed an interest in following in co-star Sonja Morgan’s footsteps with her own cabaret show, and we are all better for this desire.

While we all aren’t lucky enough to be front and center at one of Lu’s slap and tickle performances (slap yourself on the back because you’re laughing at her wittiness while she’s tickling her throat with that deep baritone of hers–get your mind out of the gutter, people!), the San Francisco Pride Parade was graced with the Countess on Sunday.

Page Six is reporting that perhaps money can’t buy class if you believe what some Pride Parade attendees are whispering. Luann was in San Francisco to perform her cabaret show (so it is a thing!), and she was chosen to ride on a float with a group voted “most outrageous.” Her fellow floatees were “Emperor” Leandro Gonzales and drag queen “Empress” Pollo Del Mar who were representing LGBTQ nonprofit the Imperial Council.

Sources on the scene claim the Countess could use some advice from Emily Post in her approach of others. One such bystander tells the site that Luann was “barking orders the entire parade . . . She was yelling at [an associate] who was then yelling at volunteers — three of whom were deaf,” adding, “She was very concerned with people recognizing her. She completely stressed volunteers out by micromanaging . . . [about] a banner announcing her presence.”

Another nameless source close to the situation implies that while Luann was on a float, she may be off the wagon. The spy alleges, “By the time the parade started she was pretty tipsy and then had a paper cup of booze stashed in the side of the car,” an accusation which was denied by Luann’s reps who state, “She was not tipsy during Pride because she does not drink alcohol. She was sipping sparkling water in a cup in the car.”

What her reps dispute in alcohol, they conceded a bit in attitude. Another source shared that Luann’s need to be noticed caused her float to travel too slowly and had parade handlers in a pickle due to safety concerns of bystanders getting too close to a moving vehicle. The insider shares, “She kept calling people [over to her vehicle], which you can’t do. [Her] contingent was yelled at numerous times by security because . . . they kept pulling people in from the audience. It was frustrating. It was not fun, which it should have been. It was very stressful.”

Now that scenario isn’t too hard for Luann’s reps to picture. They admit, “It is conceivable that it was perceived that she was micromanaging and concerned about banner placement, but she’s a perfectionist and a professional, which is why her cabaret show is so good and selling out.” Now there’s a spin if I’ve ever heard one!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]