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Carole Radziwill Considers Not Coming Back To Real Housewives of New York City After Every Season, Says “It’s A Hard Job”; Talks Reliving Her Breakup With Adam

Carole Radziwill getting candid! The Real Housewives of New York star shares her thoughts on Luann de Lessepsarrest, her relationship with Adam Kenworthy and reveals her struggle every season to decide if she should return to the show. Carole also dishes on which cast member makes her laugh the most.

On why the viewers seem to agree with her on many things, “I think I’m a very rational, centered person so I think a lot of people watching the show think of themselves that way, so I feel like that’s relatable. I get that a lot when people stop me on the street. They say ‘you’re my favorite, I think we could be friends,’ but then I wonder ‘do they say that to everyone’? Like are they stopping Luann on the street and saying that? Stopping Ramona on the street and saying that?” 

She continues, telling the Daily Dish podcast, “Listen, I’d love to be super shady and flip tables and it seems like that’d be fun to have that kind of personality every once in a while, it’s just that I’m by nature and training as a journalist a very rational person. So my mind doesn’t think that way, it’s steeped in facts and logic. so a lot of the drama is surrounding emotions and I don’t lead with my emotions first, I lead with logic and reason and try to get to the bottom of something and the other women tend to lead with their emotions first and then they follow up with some sort of logic. Honestly, I wish I was more of a screamer. Like Dorinda cracks me up every time she opens her mouth. I just couldn’t get away with any of the stuff she says. She makes me laugh even when she’s not trying.”


Carole is then asked: If Bravo and RHONY went away tomorrow, who would she be genuinely sad not to be spending time with on a regular basis? “I would miss spending time with Dorinda. I would miss times spent with Bethenny, I’m being nostalgic. Each one of them has their special place. I can’t imagine not seeing all of them again. It’s a really tight-knit group of friends and frienemies. The idea of not seeing any of them is sort of strange to me having been a part of that group now for six years.” She then jokes, “but maybe I wouldn’t miss any of them! Maybe I’d be like ‘thank god that’s over’!”

Carole is asked if there has there ever been a season where she thought she couldn’t come back to the show. She reveals, “pretty much every season.” Carole explains, “It’s a hard job. It’s very taxing. It’s a combination of production and producing and improv’ing and then dealing with how to tell stories and narratives. I was running the marathon and I thought ‘how do you show that visually on television?’. So you come up with all these different ideas and you talk to the producers and sometimes they have ideas but I feel like it’s really up to the individual, like it’s up to me to figure out how to tell the stories that are going on in my life and that’s a big job. And then to get there and then remember who you’re mad at and who you like and who you hate and this person said this and to keep it all in your head.”

She adds, “We’re basically like an improv troupe with no talent for improv, obviously, because we’re all talking over each other and it’s a lot. There’s a lot going on. It’s five months and it’s emotionally and physically taxing. So, I do think about that. It goes on in my head every year, like ‘can I do this again?’. And also, is it interesting to me? Is there something that I want to say or do or show? Is the audience still interested? I think all of that comes into play.”

Carole then says she figured she’d do it for a year or two and it’d be an odd experience but now here she is six seasons later.. “I never thought people would be interested for six years.”

She shares her initial reaction to Luann‘s arrest: “Oh my God. First, disbelief. You know when you’re reading something about someone you know and you’re like ‘this cannot be true’? And then I was like ‘wait a minute!’ like she hit a police officer and then escaped handcuffs? Of course in my mind, it was like the movie version of it: like she escaped the handcuffs and was running across the street to get away. The whole thing was like right out of a movie.”

Carole then admits, “But I felt terrible. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be arrested. I mean, I get pulled over for going through a red light I get a panic attack. I don’t do well with cops. I get oddly aggressive, so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to be arrested, put in a cop car and booked and mugshot. It was pretty shocking.”

On the Luann‘s cabaret show, Carole thinks it’s been good for Lu. “She was always planning on doing the cabaret show before the arrest. She had been talking about it. So we kind of knew that this was happening and I thought maybe she would decide not to do it because of what had happened but I’m glad that she did it. It gave her something to really focus on. I think she’s taking sobriety seriously. At least that’s what I saw when she came back from rehab.”

Carole says she personally doesn’t drink a lot but the other women on the show did not reduce their level of drinking in sympathy with Luann. “But it didn’t even bother her. She was pretty strong.” Carole gives Luann props for being able to get through it all and really learning a lesson and taking everything seriously.

When’s the last time she “had coffee” with Adam? Carole says she’s glad the audience gets her wink-wink jokes because she doesn’t think her co-stars always get her jokes and hints. “You’ll see the evolution or de-evolution with Adam over the course of the season, but ultimately I think he’s a really good guy and we had a three-plus year relationship and that was important to me and important to him and we haven’t had coffee recently.”

While they may not be “having coffee” anymore, she feels they’ll find a friendship in some form. “But I can see going forward there will be room in my life and his life for some sort of friendship. He was an important part of my life for three years. Three years is a big relationship for me. I don’t stay in relationships that long. And I need long breaks in between. So I’m not looking to hop into another relationship. We’ll see what happens. The audience will see, it’s difficult to break up with someone and it’s definitely more difficult to do it on national television. You don’t want to say everything, but I’m pretty honest and I can’t not talk about what’s going on in my life and not in like a dramatic way or a salacious way but just a real way like you’d talk to your girlfriends. So I’m not really looking forward to reliving that. But it is what it is. There have definitely been shifts in all sorts of relationships on the show.”

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