Carole Radziwill On Bethenny Frankel: “She Can’t Function Unless There Is Some Tension Or Drama Or Insult

Season 10 of Real Housewives of New York comes through week after week. Even during the last episode when the main argument was about a family crest on a shoe, this show still managed to be captivating.

That crest argument between Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley was the main controversy, but the Carole Radziwill vs. Bethenny Frankel feud is still lingering.

Carole is spilling tea and talking shit about Bethenny whenever she can, so of course she had a lot to say in her latest Bravo blog post. Before returning to her Bethenny shit talking tour, Carole discussed seeing post-rehab Luann de Lesseps.

Carole wrote, “I am really happy to see Luann. It’s hard to know what to do or say when a friend gets out of rehab. I sent her a weekly inspirational quote during her time there, and I heard she was taking it all very seriously. Naturally we are all dying to hear the real story of the arrest and the handcuff escape, but more than that I was curious to see how much this experience had grounded her.”

And then she returned to the Bethenny discussion: “I’m also happy to spend the weekend with Bethenny. We had a great talk, hugged it out, and I’m pretty sure she’s not upset with me anymore. Phew! We even decided to drive to the Mayflower together. Or so I thought. Yes we texted, as she told Sonja, but once again she cleverly ends the story where I look like a cold bitch. Her ability to habitually and casually tell half a story is legendary!” It’s almost as legendary as Carole’s ability to spill tea about Bethenny at a moment’s notice.

Carole insisted, “The real story is I wanted to ride up with her too and told her so. We had planned for it, but when I arrived I was told she had left with Sonja. I didn’t make a big deal about it. Bethenny and Sonja they have become close friends—literally thick as thieves—sharing a room and gossiping about the rest of us, bonding over Sonja’s new business venture, giggling over face masks. Though I miss the point of bringing facial masks to a spa, they are hilarious together—the new Frick and Frack!!” This seems like more of an alliance than a friendship. Plus Sonja is the only person on Bethenny’s side- she might even end up being the only person on the same reunion couch as Bethenny. This “friendship” is nothing to be concerned about.

Carole continued, “Apparently, Ramona [Singer] and I have been sidelined.”

And then she addressed the photo controversy. Just in case anyone forgot, Ramona posted a group photo and Luann was upset because it signified that she was out of rehab and she was getting a lot of media attention. Why didn’t Luann just tell them ahead of time not to post photos? Or is that too logical?

Carole wrote, “Ohhh, Ramona. She does have a chip missing when it comes to connecting the dots. Although I know she didn’t post the picture to hurt Luann, texting to go to the New Year’s party of “the man whose name will never pass my lips” was not cool. But we do have one thing in common. If I saw Luann’s ex-husband out with another woman while she was in rehab, would I text Luann and tell her? No. That’s a full stop NO. Hell no. Never. #helltotheno.”

Carole resumed throwing shade at Bethenny. She said, “I thought Bethenny and I were fine. It’s as though she can’t function unless there is some tension or drama or insult. I mean, she did ignore me the entire weekend, didn’t want to do any treatments with me, and she practically knocked Ramona over to get away from me at dinner. But she knows I wasn’t upset, so I’m not sure why she was behaving that way.”

She added, “Anyway, we were there to support Luann, and I wasn’t engaging in that silly eighth grade you can’t sit with me behavior. Plus it was so much more fun to fight over the moose shoes!”

And of course, Carole had to address the family crest drama. She wrote, “Yes, ‘CrestGate.’ Only this group can spend two days arguing over a moose on a shoe. And I was right there in it with them (sadly, you didn’t get to see it all). It’s arguments like this that makes me fall in love with the whole crazy gang. By the way, my late husband’s family crest was granted to them by the Holy Roman Emperor in the sixteenth century. Now that’s a name to drop.” Alright, then.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]