Sonja Morgan Dishes On Dorinda, Frenchie, Rocco And Ramona; Says Friendships Shift This Season On RHONY

GARDEN CITY, NY - JUNE 30: Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan and Macy's celebrate the launch of SmileDirectClub's Smile Kit at Macy's Roosevelt Field Mall on June 30, 2018 in Garden City, New York. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Sonja Morgan always has a good time, especially when she’s an interview guest! Sonja loves to spill the tea and she delivers once again in her latest Q&A with Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast! Sonja reveals changing friendships in the Real Housewives of New York cast, talks about her struggle to choose between Frenchie and Rocco, and weighs in on her issues with Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer – and so much more!

Sonja on how she’s doing, “ask me that after you’ve watched another 22 or 23 episodes. You’ll get to see a lot of T&A in the cabaret!” She laughs, “If you don’t go to the cabaret you’ll see me half naked elsewhere, I’m sure. If you come to the gay party, I don’t know what episode that is”

On not being surprised that Luann de Lesseps cabaret is taking off and doing so well. “Not at all, I knew Luann way back when. She was always doing improv and I remember my first time on Andy Cohen with Lu (on WWHL) She was doing her disco hits and I told Andy she should just be doing her Broadway, ‘You should hear it, Andy, it’s amazing.’ I remember saying that and here she is full circle, belting them out.”

When the Daily Dish Podcast hosts ask if the cast should’ve chipped in for a fruit basket for Luann since she’s the reason they are all getting a ton of press lately, Sonja instead talks about healthy eating and lifestyles. “You know, her and I have been on a health kick. She went to rehab, came back funnier than ever. She surprised herself. She didn’t realize how freaking funny she is when she’s not drinking. ” She then says they’ve been traveling to spas and doing yoga together and taking beach walks and doing cleanses.

She says we’ll see some shifts in the friendships this season. She says there are shifting values, “those who are still partying, those who are not partying, those who are on a spiritual path”

On Dorinda Medley and the tension there this season, “She’s always after me and I’m like why?” She adds, “I don’t feel it’s about jealousy, I feel like it’s about HER. It’s hard. Like, I’m the whipping boy. Sonja’s always the whipping boy.”

On her friendship with Ramona Singer: “Everyone is behind Ramonja, there are fan pages that follow us and I tag them all the time. When Ramona and I are together, there’s nothing like it, it’s gold. And I love her, she’s like a sister. And she’s the person I could travel alone with and talk about poop and boobs and our butts and our fat and our kids and dogs’ vomit, but, you saw it in Mexico, we’re like ‘oh we’ll always be friends’ but you saw in the trailer, this summer I had to have time to myself and she was like ‘she doesn’t call me back’ – she LIES! ‘Not calling back’ means I don’t go stay with her for three days, listen to her loud music and eat her food. I’m not eating food, get the memo! For me, it seems like Ramona is making it about Ramona.”

Of all the cast members (they’re all basically single), who is getting the most action? She says, “you’re lookin’ at her”. Sonja reveals that one of her secrets is a good healthy sex life comes with eating right and “when you’re open to the universe and love, you don’t have to have an easy pass. My one night stands never leave.” She adds, “my problem is they’re too young. I want someone older and established and who has their own life and family. I’m ready. I keep saying that.”

She says we’ll see many things on the road of Sonja this season that will lead to her “hanging her kinky boots up!”

On Frenchie and Rocco and choosing just one of them: “This is the thing, Rocco is a die-hard. He plays the long game and I had known that from the beginning because that’s how my ex-husband got me. Frenchie came on, like I said, the one-night-stand that never left. I thought he lived in France and he has a place here and then I kept his stuff at my home, so Frenchie’s in Paris right now. He wants me to come over. He just bought another hotel. He’s got the three restaurants now. I have a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me. That goes hand in hand. Frenchie and me. that is that tagline. Someone like Rocco is more like my ex, very solid. They’re both solid citizens. It’s hard, you can’t really compare on paper you have to go with your heart. who do you wanna wake up to every day?”

Sonja shares that we can expect an intense season coming up, but still very funny and “schticky”.

You can listen to the full Daily Dish Podcast episode here.


Photo Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images