Gretchen Rossi sued by Citibank for unpaid credit card bill

UPDATE – Not True: Gretchen Rossi Sued By Citibank Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill!

**See update below!** Is there another Real Housewives bankruptcy in the cards, or is Gretchen Rossi just not paying her bills? The former Real Housewives Of Orange County star has been sued by Citibank for an unpaid balance of $9,433.56.

Does Gretchen really not have $9k? Well, I guess she is supporting Slave Smiley – allegedly – so maybe not?! Apparently, Gretchen has defaulted on credit card payments going back to 2017, which is the last time she cut a check to Citibank and they’re tired of waiting for their money. 

Gretchen opened the card in 2014 and was making payments until last year when for whatever reason she stopped. Did her RHOC paychecks dry up? I mean, she still must be getting royalties, right… Anyway, Citibank filed suit on July 3rd.

The Blast reports that Citibank is seeking the $9k they’re owed without requesting additional interest or fees. That’s a pretty good deal, Gretchen! If she doesn’t have the cash, maybe she and Slade could finally get married and get someone to film that wedding for a quick cash infusion!

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UPDATE: Gretchen isn’t responsible for the credit card because it was part of a fraudelent hack. They reached out to Page Six after the article went up yesterday and shared that Gretchen’s “financial group was notified by Home Depot that her information was among the data compromised in the 2014 data breach by hackers. It is our understanding that any debts accrued due to the account hacks are being handled by Home Depot with the lending institutions that were affected. She is not  engaged in any pending litigation.” Also, she has “never been served papers regarding a lawsuit.”

Home Depot confirmed this to Page Six. “anyone impacted by the breach was not responsible for fraudulent charges caused by the breach.”


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