Gretchen Rossi Insists She Did Not Propose To Slade Smiley For A Real Housewives Of Orange County Storyline!


Are we ready for this?! Tonight is the season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County

Last week we all saw Gretchen Rossi propose to longtime love Slade Smiley. It was a really authentic moment and all y'all complete with a song you can buy on iTunes. Well not everyone is happy for the couple.

Tamra Barney admitted that her former friend (yep, you heard it: former) proposed for a storyline. And not only that Gretchen is a terrible liar just like Tamra always thought. 

Upon hearing Tamra's comments, Gretchen insists her love and her desire to get married is completely genuine and Tamra's comments are really hurtful. 

"I'm on a reality show so it seems silly that I wouldn't consider filming that," Gretchen tells ABC News. "I think it's ironic that it's coming from the cast member that just recently got married on TV and got her own spin-off," Gretchen adds. "It's very hurtful."


Gretchen also speculates that Tamra's very public proposal and wedding may have been orchestrated for reality TV purposes. The two have been having this argument for a year now. "I feel like a lot of these women deflect a lot what's happening in their own lives onto other people," Gretchen comments. 

Gretchen also dishes on the recently filmed reunion. And of course she had problems with everyone! Gretchen reveals that Vicki Gunvalson stormed off set. No surprise there! 

Another person Gretchen bickered with was Heather Dubrow, who is still worked up over Gretchen's alleged casting like about Malibu Country

"I have the voicemail.  We actually play it at the reunion for all of the women to hear," Gretchen says in defense of herself.  "I showed the women the email on camera although they didn't air it this season.  So the women have seen it.  The women know.  I don't just make stuff up." 

 "I'm not on the show to try and trash my friends," Gretchen maintains. 

Moving on, Gretchen dished on instagram about her super special engagement. Gretchen revealed that the daughter of her ex-fiance Jeff attended the party and is super supportive of her relationship with Slade. 

"Beyond thrilled that Jeff's (my late fiancé') daughter was at the engagement party as well! It wasn't shown on camera but she told me she knew her Dad was looking down on us and was very happy …of course that made me tear up. I miss him everyday and I feel like he sent me Slade," Gretchen wrote.  

"Jill is an amazing kid and I'm so glad I have been able to keep Jeff's kids in my life! I love you honey and am so proud of who you have become!" Photos from Gretchen and Slade's engagement party are below! 

Tonight's season finale features heated drama with Vicki and her son-in-law Ryan over Brooks inclusion in her life. Not only that Vicki confronts Slade about all the hurtful comments he has been making about her on camera and off. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the great Tupperware Face debate. I'll probably be heaving into some Tupperware as well because this show is so ridiculous. Join us… if you dare!

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With Slade's oldest son, Gavin. 


Gretchen & Slade with Jeff's daughter, Jill. 


Gretchen practicing her Marilyn Monroe at her engagement party.