Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we have gorgeous vacations, contentious custody arguments, adorable sibling moments and a whole lot of plastic surgery and fractured relationships. Let’s dive in.

Briana DeJesus: We start off in Miami with Briana and the Dr. Miami surgery storyline. Shirley is done with her surgery. Now that Javi has shown up it is awkward according to Briana. I’m a little confused because as of a couple weeks ago he was going to be the caretaker of both of them. Personally, I would think the awkwardness would come from being intimately dependent post-surgery on someone you’ve been with for five minutes (or not at all, as in the case of Shirley) and having cameras and crew documenting it to the world. But that’s just me. Despite complaining about him being there, Javi ends up in the car as they go to the Miami rental.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Devoin is helping take care of the kids while Briana gets elective surgery. We see him playing with Nova at the park. Briana meanwhile, brings Shirley into the rental. I can’t believe she is allowing herself to be filmed in such a vulnerable state. Javi overlooks everything awkwardly. The awkwardness is really the theme of all her segments this episode. Then he and Briana talk about the podcast and jealousy, despite not being together. He says he has a girl willing to move to Dover so Briana walks out and cries with Shirley.

Shirley then calls Javi in to talk to him while Briana sullenly sits in the living room. Javi says he could settle but doesn’t want to. They finally come to a lukewarm settlement of their own and he plans to stay for Bri’s surgery.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Hawaii: Similar to last episode, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry are combined as they vacation in Hawaii. Say what you will, but MTV got some beautiful shots of Hawaii. Sign me up for a visit! After some snorkeling and vacationing Leah and Kail discuss Ali’s mobility issues and the struggle Aleeah is having. Kids are apparently teasing Aleeah about how Ali walks and making fun of her sister to her. This combined with the extra attention Ali gets at home is having an impact on her. Honestly, it sounds pretty tough. Leah admits to being somewhat lost in how to handle it and how to parent. Kailyn suggests she seek out other parents who have kids with disabilities who may have personal experience.  It is a pretty good suggestion.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

As the Hawaiian vacation goes on, Kail gets a text from Chris asking who is taking care of the baby while she is gone. This is apparently only the second time Chris has ever expressed interest or wonder over who is caring for his child. He wants to see baby Lux so Kail coordinates with Bone (who is apparently the one babysitting). Leah calls Corey to check on the girls.

On the way back to the hotel, Leah laments that Corey seems more closed off when she is out of town. Kail says almost nothing for a long time letting her friend carry the conversation. They go horseback riding, which looked amazing. Then we find out that Bone got Lux back from Chris and he didn’t send anything. What did they expect him to send exactly? When we saw him send something previously didn’t they make fun of it as clueless and not the right stuff?

Kail and Leah end their vacation with skydiving.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Chelsea DeBoer: Chelsea goes out to eat with Randy and I was just completely lost in déjà vu. Technically Cole was there too, but I couldn’t get past what a flashback it seemed like to all those seasons past when Chelsea and Randy would meet up and eat at various restaurants – and baby Watson took over the role Aubree used to have! Where can I rewatch Season 2?!

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Later, Chelsea and crew are taking Aubree to see Paislee. Aubree teaches her sister to bowl. They have to discuss Adam while the girls play. We’ve heard it all before, so I could really do without the Adam mentions. Cole is in the background playing with Watson, basically acting as the antithesis to Adam. Paislee even asks Aubree if Cole is her dad.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Jenelle Eason: Jenelle’s quality time with Jace apparently comes at therapy. Great.

Jenelle and David take complete advantage of her friendship with Jamie and pressure her into doing the next Kaiser drop-off with Nathan. Jenelle can’t go with David because they are filming (and he’s now fired!). Jenelle refuses to go alone because she’s the perpetual victim of her life’s choices. So Jamie decides that she can go the extra mile for her MTV paycheck as paid friend. She agrees to take responsibility of Jenelle’s parenting duties and meet Nathan. And frankly, thank goodness she does. Seeing Jamie playing and tickling Kaiser in the car is perhaps the most actual play and care we’ve seen him get in a long time! The drop-off is completely cordial. Nathan and his current girlfriend take Kaiser out to eat and Nathan mentions he is going to try some legal maneuvers to get more time with Kaiser.

We get a lot of Nathan this episode as he and the girlfriend take Kaiser mini golfing. I guess we can’t get much out of Jenelle since she refuses to do anything without David. Barb calls while they are out and tells Nathan what Jace said about David spanking Kaiser. They plan to meet for lunch. See what happens when you refuse, Jenelle?

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Trouble In Paradise

Barb and Nathan meet to talk about Kaiser. Nathan filed a motion of contempt and he wants a psychological evaluation on Jenelle and David. Barb tells him she keeps calendars tracking all the pickups and most importantly missed visits. Nathan adeptly points out something most viewers have noticed and comment on: “when Jenelle was with me she was all about fitness, now that she’s with David she’s all about country.” Yes, her interests are pretty related to whomever she is with. Then they talk about the guns and generally how they feel helpless. Honestly, it sounds as bad as I fear. Alleged child abuse is not funny or a game.

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