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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever “Tell All” Part One Airs Tonight: Anfisa Versus Everyone

We have travelled a long, weary, karate-kicking road. And here we are once again at the end of another journey through the sewer. Tonight 90-Day Fiance Happily Ever After will air part one of its two-part Couples Tell All reunion, complete with accusations, lies, justifications…and maybe even a Family Chantel-inspired fistfight? And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Shaun Robinson will host this season’s six couples, some of whom have a bitter history with one another from Tell Alls of yesteryear. Anfisa, specifically, will come prepared for battle. Since Jorge (and just about everyone else) threw her under the bus last year for her alleged “prositutorial” work, she’s been gathering her strength and purse-swinging skills to swat back at the haters. Also, it looks like homegirl might have smuggled a shank underneath her coat backstage. #speculation

Previews reveal Paola and Anfisa going head to head – starting backstage! – David and Annie crying a lot, and Shaun trying to keep everyone from physically assaulting one another.

In a strange twist, Nicole and Azan look to be Skyping in together so Azan can continue to “explain” his cheating, lying catfishing ways. This scenario flies in the face of recent reports that Nicole traveled home to Florida. SHE IS STILL IN MOROCCO?!? We need answers.

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Molly attends the Tell All solo, given the fact that Luis has allegedly already been deported back to the Dominican Republic following their divorce. Thus, at least one of these couples is experiencing a “Happily Ever After” – i.e., dissolution of their marriage. (No word on whether Uncle Jess and his jaunty cowboy hat will make an appearance, but let’s all make a wish on Molly’s devil owls that he does.)

Chantel and Pedro rehash a season of family feuds, which included yanked out weaves and harvesting of dollars. Jorge looks like he’s going to mess in his big boy pants, and no doubt his nerves are at least 55% higher than everyone else’s, considering the hot water he’s in. Not only will he need to address the fact that he most definitely might have a daughter with his ex-girlfriend; Jorge also faced felony charges in Arizona for transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana with intent to sell. Hmm. Jorge is not living his best life, guys.

But we are living OUR best lives, because there’s nothing better than seeing these couples face the music at least once per season. Let’s hope Shaun brings the hard-hitting questions this time. Join us in the comments section for a live viewing party!


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