Robyn Dixon Doesn’t Agree With One Word Candiace Dillard Has Said About Her

Not everyone is cut out to be a Real Housewife. Even some of the women who get that opportunity just aren’t meant to last in the reality TV franchise. Will Candiace Dillard be a one and done on Real Housewives of Potomac or will she end up with a second season on the show?

Not if Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant have a say. They are far from being a fan of hers. Even Ashley Darby– the “friend” who “introduced” Candiace to the cast, isn’t her biggest fan. And this animosity isn’t even strong enough to be entertaining. Candiace complained that she’s been ignored for the entire cast trip in France. That’s far from a compelling story line.

During the last episode Candiace tried to get involved in controversy, but she just didn’t make much of an impact. As a result, her only “controversy” was her disappointment in being ignored. She even tried to jump in on the intense argument Ashley had with Karen Huger in the car during the last episode.

In a Bravo blog post, Robyn wrote, “That blowup between Ashley and Karen came straight out of nowhere but was one of the most entertaining arguments I have ever witnessed. I mean, it just kept going and going and going! I was pretty exhausted while in the van so I don’t know how Ashley and Karen even had the energy to keep going at it.” But thankfully they did. It was beyond entertaining.

Candiace Dillard Thinks Robyn Dixon Needs To Stop Listening To Gizelle Bryant

Robyn added, “Candiace really needed to stay out of that argument. Those two have been going at it for years, so nothing Candiace had to say had any relevance or importance.”

Candiace also claimed that Robyn and Ashley are only nice to her if Gizelle is not around. Robyn adamantly denied that claim: “I don’t agree with one word Candiace said about me being different around her when Gizelle is around. I can’t think of one time when anything like that occurred with Candiace.”

Then Robyn shared examples of the many times the other women came for Candiace when she did not chime in: “Did I have anything critical to say to her about her man’s penis? NO. Her mother’s financial involvement? NO. Her woe is me I’m a princess story? NO. I never had a conflict with Candiace nor treated her with disrespect. It is very clear that Candiace had been drinking too much of Monique’s [Samuels] hateful Kool-Aid and believed the ‘Robyn and Gizelle are mean girls’ narrative that she created and spews on a regular.


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