Ashley Jacobs Defends Her Relationship With Thomas Ravenel

Sadly, Season 5 of Southern Charm has come to a close, but there is still so much to discuss. This is especially true when it comes to Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel’s relationship- which is still happening by the way.

Just like she did during the reunion episodes, Ashley insists that their relationship is still going strong, even without the constant social media updates. Cue the collective eye roll from the Southern Charm fandom.

In an interview with People, Ashley confirmed, “We’ve just been chilling out on the social media front.”

She admitted, “I think that’s why people are questioning things because we are both very public. I like social media, but we have just sort of chilled out, so we get a lot of those questions because we are not putting pictures with each other.” And because of everything we see on this show. It’s tough not to wonder about their relationship status after watching Season 5 of Southern Charm.

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She adamantly insisted, “But I can tell you, we’re doing great now.” She explained why they are “doing great”: “We’ve been doing less going out, less going downtown, less going to bars or restaurants We watch Netflix every night. We eat ice cream, we order food in. We’ve been homebodies, and that’s made us closer.” Yeah, there’s nothing like legal allegations and Thai takeout to bring a couple closer together….

She claimed, “He’s been there for me through times after episodes, the hate I’ve received.” Does Ashley not watch this show? How does she have no idea that her behavior is why she’s getting so much backlash?

She confessed, “I’ve cried. I’ve been very sad. My world has really been shaken up a bit. And there are times where he’s just like, ‘I’m coming over because I think you need me right now.’ Or just, ‘I’m going to bring you lunch, I’m going to bring you dinner, I’m worried that the stress has gotten to you or you’re not eating.’ He’s just been a shoulder to cry on. And he’s really stepped up.” Boyfriend of the year right there….

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Ashley continued to campaign for praise her man. She said, “He’s going through his own crap right now, his are more serious than what I’m dealing with. And I’ve seen him really put me first through all of this. The fact that he has made me a priority? He’s made sure after an episode, if someone said something hurtful, he’ll be like, ‘It’s okay, babe. You’ll be alright, who cares, don’t read it.’ He’s been through this before so he’ll be like, ‘you just gotta laugh at it.’” Laugh at it? He laughed at you referring to the mother of his children as an “egg donor”? Did he laugh when you spent $10,000 on one shopping trip with his credit card? Which of Ashley’s scenes actually induced laughter?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]