Ashley Jacobs Explains Why She Called Kathryn Dennis An “Egg Donor”; Kathryn & Patricia Altschul Discuss Progress In Their Relationship

Say what you want about Ashley Jacobs, but she sure has a way of bringing people together. Sure, people have come together against her, but she still has a significant effect on the viewers- a negative effect, but a significant one nonetheless. She has united the Southern Charm fandom and it could even be argued that her antics helped bring former enemies Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul to the same side.

Ashley has provided us with many tweet-worthy moments, but at what cost? Her rant against Kathryn during the Season 5 finale definitely went too far. She had the nerve to tell Kathryn “You’re nothing, but an egg donor.” Needless to say, pretty much every Southern Charm viewer is on Kathryn’s side.

During an episode of the Southern Charm After Show, Ashley defended her instantly infamous egg donor insult. Get ready to cringe- yet again. Ashley recalled that Kathryn said, “Many times ‘We’re a family. We’re a family.’ She even asked Thomas [Ravenel] in December ‘Can we take family photos? Christmas photos of the four of us Ravenels.’ I looked at him and was like, “You need to start setting some boundaries right now, friend. Otherwise, I’m not staying here. Bye.'” If only he didn’t set those boundaries and Ashley really did tell him “bye.” What is wrong with taking a holiday photo of his children with their mother? Ashley is the one who needs her boundaries readjusted.

It just got worse though. Ashley claimed, “Just because you push something out of your vagina, it doesn’t mean you’re a mother. I’m sorry. Mothering is loving, caring, and protecting these children. Kathryn is all talk. I want to see her actually do what she’s saying she’s going to do. I hope for her sobriety and that she maintains that for the sake of the children- for the benefit of the children.” since when is that any of Ashley’s business? Once again, Ashley is the one who needs to readjust her boundaries.

Ashley admitted, “I said some things again that were quick and reactive that I shouldn’t have said. I should have had more class to bite my tongue, but again I was just in that moment. I was provoked, so I was little disappointed. Like darn.” She was provoked? Really? The aggressor was provoked?

Kathryn admitted that the finale showdown was “not what I was expecting. Then she called me an egg donor and told me I was a baby mama and to go away.” The comeback queen continued, “I’ve taken enough of this shit. You clearly think you can walk all over me, but fuck you. Know your place and know mine. I’m not going anywhere and I’m not because I’m the mother of our children.”

One good thing did come out of that finale episode though: Kathryn and Patricia actually had a peaceful conversation. Anyone who follows them on social media can tell that they are clearly on the same team these days- and very much against Ashley Jacobs and all of her antics. Nevertheless, that party was filmed a while ago and it seems like the after show was as well.

Kathryn shared, “Patricia has been liking my stuff on Instagram so I guess we’re cool. I don’t really know. I still haven’t talked to her.” Now these two are constantly in each other’s mentions and calling out Ashley.

During the after show, Kathryn discussed the source of her tension with Patricia. She theorized, “I think it all stemmed from me calling Whitney [Sudler-Smith] some names.” She also said, “As a mother now, I understand what it’s like to have someone say anything negative about your children. You just pounce, but I also think in a way I’m a mirror to her in her younger days. Maybe she sees in me things she resents in herself.”

Patricia shared her side of the story: “I have had no relationship with Kathryn as everybody knows. I am judgmental and opinionated on drug use. I am virulently opposed to drug use. I don’t condone it. I don’t like it. I don’t like to be around anybody that uses it. And that was my main problem with Kathryn. We all knew she was using, but she has in this past year gone to rehab. Everybody tells me she’s clean, she’s sober, she passes all of her drug tests, and so I admire her for that.”

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