90 Day Fiancé’s Molly Hopkins Spills The Tea On Luis On The Pink Shade Podcast: "He Became A Pampered Prince"

90 Day Fiancé’s Molly Hopkins Spills The Tea On Luis On The Pink Shade Podcast: “He Became A Pampered Prince”

90 Day Fiancé has brought us many dramatic couples over the years. Molly Hopkins and her (now ex) husband, Luis, are no exception. Molly and Luis’s love affair was documented on last season’s 90 Day Fiancé, and continued on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, where viewers witnessed the dissolution of their marriage once and for all.

Molly recently sat down to chat with me on my podcast, Pink Shade With Erin Martin, to explain what unfolded behind the scenes of TLC’s hit show, how Luis changed his tune when he came to the U.S., and how she’s been dealing with the backlash of social media since the shows have aired. “We believe part of what we hear, and ALL of what we see,” says Molly, explaining how the backstory she shared with Luis was vastly different from the one we watched.

Despite the whirlwind courtship we saw on TV, Molly claims that she and Luis knew each other for two years before he came over on a K1 visa. Molly also says that Luis shared a regular, amicable Skype relationship with her daughters during these two years, and she visited the Dominican Republic many times (with and without friends) to get to know Luis and his family well before their engagement.

In fact, Molly’s best friend actually submitted Luis and her for 90 Day Fiancé on the sly, believing they’d be a natural fit for the show. “I’d never even heard of the show,” says Molly, who admits that she didn’t even think the show would accept her application, given her background on reality TV (on Lifetime’s Double Divas, 2012). But ultimately, their age difference and their “crazy story” fit the bill for dramatic content.

The K1 process can take a long time, but Molly says she put her business skills to use to expedite the process in just months. “It’s not a terribly difficult process if you know what you’re doing,” she says. Hmm…maybe Molly can offer her assistance to the Nicoles and Azans of this world? Scratch that. Let’s just go ahead and leave them in their hot mess!

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“Obviously, there are going to be intimate and pertinent details that are left out” on the show, explains Molly. In the DR for example, Luis lived with his huge family and minister parents, seemed like a big family man, and even helped to take care of his young niece. So it was shocking to Molly that he became so averse and outright resistant to kids once he landed in the U.S. “Prior to coming here, he had sent things to my child [Kensley]. He talked to her every night.”

“I didn’t come home one day and say, ‘Kensley, you’re going to have a father!’” explains Molly. “She has a fantastic father. Her father and I were together for a long time, we just never married.” Molly adds that both Olivia and Kensley’s fathers are active in her daughters’ lives, and all of their relationships are amicable.

“It wasn’t like I just got some young guy out of a bar, hot to trot, and brought him over here to be my ‘do boy,” continues Molly. “That never was the case.”

But after Luis moved in with Molly, she claims, “he became a pampered prince,” only wanting to hang around the house, make demands on her to cook for him, and – eventually – troll the internet for porn. Ultimately, Molly and Luis’s marriage ended in divorce, with Luis still awaiting his immigration hearing to determine his continued status in the U.S.

To hear part one of Molly’s two-part interview on the Pink Shade With Erin Martin podcast, go to iTunes, Stitcher, Acast Google Play – or anywhere you find podcasts. Next week, she’ll be spilling the tea on where Luis is now, what she thought of David giving her advice at that Tell All Reunion, and even what the status of Brother Jess’s love life is!


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