Teen Mom 2 Recap: Reunion Part 1

So reunions are now the highlight of this series? Apparently, because they have amped up the drama and perhaps production is meddling behind the scenes to encourage and set up fights? I’m just not sure how I feel about this, but we all watched Teen Mom 2 last night, so let’s talk about it.

In true MTV fashion, they tease us with clips we saw last week. While last week’s episode was all a teaser for this week. Remember when this show used to be about young people navigating the trials and tribulations of parenting?


Teen Mom 2 Recap:

Dr. Drew is now co-hosting with Nessa. I’m not sure if that’s a nod to his incompetence or just a promotion for her? They tell us about how Kail and Bri were supposed to make peace but then the drama spilled into shooting. We see flashbacks and the background of producer Morgan telling Briana that they have security there to make sure everyone is safe. This is sort of a big deal because there is gossip that part of the reason Kail fired her producer, JC, is because he supposedly played a role in encouraging her to talk with Briana and it appears Morgan is planting in Bri’s head that security is around ‘just in case’. So much speculation surrounds how much meddling production did to actually encourage the fight. Anyway, we also get audio from Brittany and Jo talking. Then they announce Briana and we see the fight again. Chelsea leaves, as we saw before, but this time we get her audio that says “I’m leaving. I’m going home.” Backstage they are escorting her out as if she’s the one in the fight? Meanwhile, on stage we see Briana acting like a lunatic. Kailyn trying to get to her. And Brittany pulling Kail’s hair from behind, so hard that it jerks her head back. After that move (did Jo have his hands in his pockets the whole time?) there are three security guards on Kail while one is holding Briana. Don’t worry, the good Doctor is going to discuss the incident with the cast. Oh great, forgive me if I don’t hold my breath since he has yet to hold any one of these girls accountable for anything they’ve done on camera since 16 and Pregnant.

Teen Mom 2 Recap:

Briana DeJesus: Briana and Brittany are on set together. Briana claims that Kailyn wanted to fight earlier while off-camera. Dr. Drew obviously knows more than he’s letting on as he asks if Bri said something about her kids and keeps asking whether she crossed some line. Brittany says Briana should have never entertained the drama and asks if Javi is even worth it (with a hard J sound). She calls her out for starting the fight. It is so clear that Briana ONLY starts things when she either knows she can’t follow through with a fight or she has Brittany there to do it for her. I’m not impressed. Even less so with Dr. Drew’s excuse of addressing the issue. (No mention of the fact that Brittany actually was the only one to pull Kail’s hair and cross the line of hurting someone?)

Teen Mom 2 Recap:

After commercial, it is Briana solo. Briana is crying by the end of her highlight reel. She and Javi are done. Devoin is working. She claims that he is sleeping all day and not acting like a father. She claims he only acts like a dad for the cameras. I find it potentially believable, BUT she never gave him credit when we saw him trying (while she was having elective surgery) so I don’t know if she’s ever going to recognize any effort he makes. Stella’s dad moved to New York and does nothing but pay for her daycare. Roxanne has covered up what Bri’s dad never did. She cries a lot. There is a lot of anger that Dr. Drew wants to assign to the men. It certainly appears that patterns are repeating themselves.

Teen Mom 2 Recap:

Devoin Austin: They give Devoin his own segment so why shouldn’t we? Devoin has some fancy glasses and a bandana on. He acknowledges that Briana and her family helped him and let him move in. Apparently, they invited him to Thanksgiving last year and he felt strange about it because of Javi. Dr. Drew points out that Roxanne really seems invested in him and he acknowledges her support. He commits to wanting to be respectful with Briana (that seems like a very wise choice – far wiser than Nessa’s suggestion that they get back together!). Nova really looks like Devoin! Here’s hoping that he and Roxanne and Brittany stay on good terms and hopefully he really does take a strong role in Nova’s life. She needs a positive male role model (and maybe it will benefit Stella as well).

Teen Mom 2 Recap:

Kailyn Lowry: Kailyn’s hair and makeup are good. She is still very angry and defensive as Dr. Drew talks about the fight. Kailyn brings up the issue of Briana referring to her kids on social media. Dr. Drew seems to push Kailyn a little further, but in the end, her only regret is that she didn’t hit Brittany first. Kailyn calls Javi fake and that he manipulates situations. She also says that Javi is a love addict. She said that Javi and Briana both wanted more air time and we didn’t see things like him having another girl planned to go on the Florida trip and as soon as she was out Briana was going.

After the break, we talk custody. Kailyn isn’t thrilled about 50/50 custody with Joe but she understands it and is ok as long as he is taking Isaac to extracurriculars. She and Chris are up and down so she was surprised by the custody when he filed. Chris has four hours a week but she does have a good relationship with his mom. Kail really fell hard for Chris, the intensity of the relationship sounds pretty extreme. I don’t love the outfits, hers or Nessa’s, but I want Nessa’s lip color. Kail says she and Dom weren’t more than friends but she got pretty defensive about it so I’m not sure if I’m buying it. Kailyn does feel a responsibility to the audience which is why she came out. Dr. Drew tries to call her out for fighting with Briana and also having issues with Jenelle but he doesn’t get far.

So here’s the thing. I don’t dislike either Briana or Kailyn. But, I don’t really know if there is a side to be on with this fiasco. Some people are team Briana and others are team Kail. But really both have acted poorly. I can’t believe no one called out the fact that Briana was perfectly calm before walking on stage (and I still believe it was all an act). Why is acting like that something they want for this show? Why was production possibly encouraging it? But at the same time, Kailyn is a little too willing to fight and having issues to the point where she can’t really be around Jenelle or Briana isn’t exactly a quality to brag about. Plus they asked her about having shorts, tennis shoes, and her hair tied back for the meeting and she hesitated, which was surprising to me. People dress in comfortable clothes all the time, especially prior to being dressed up. That’s what I had assumed about her attire since it seemed like that is how she showed up to the studio. But her hesitation has me wondering if she really was planning something and that’s not ok. I thought back in the day if you ‘put hands on’ anyone during Real World or a Challenge you were automatically out? What happened to those rules MTV? Also, what storyline would these three have had if the Javi, Kailyn, Briana triangle not been a thing?

Teen Mom 2 Recap:

Barbara Evans: Barbara says that Jenelle isn’t here because David Eason couldn’t come. Jenelle has hurt her horribly. She has Jace seeing a behaviorist and he was coming back from Jenelle and David’s and punching holes in the wall and hurting Barb. Jace is getting medication but Jenelle doesn’t give it to him when he’s at her house. I can’t believe that isn’t a violation of their custody arrangement? Barb is worried about Jenelle. She has reported them to Child Services and the Sherriff, who have all been there multiple times. Jenelle lied about the road rage incident. She and David both drive around with guns and kids in the car. Barbara and Doris apparently ‘joke’ about David coming to their homes to kill them. She is afraid she is going to get a call one of these days and ‘it’s not going to be pretty.’

Honestly, this reunion makes me sick to my stomach. It’s all about fighting and hating on baby daddies and then whatever this is with Jenelle. This show is getting to the point where if it’s not embarrassing, it’s anxiety-inducing. If MTV has footage of any of the kids or animals being abused by Jenelle and David they better be producing it and putting it ahead of this show. I’m also not willing to let David be the only responsible party here. Jenelle is choosing to put her kids in that situation. She is responsible.


Recap Author: Jeannie S.

Photo Credit: MTV