Report: Jenelle Evans Accused Of Pulling A Gun On Fellow Driver In Road Rage Incident; Will She Be Fired From Teen Mom 2 Over The Incident?

According to a new report Jenelle Evans flew into an explosive road rage and allegedly pulled a gun on a fellow driver  – all while her son Jace, 7, was in the car with her!

On April 26, the Teen Mom 2 star called 9-1-1 to accuse a fellow driver of aggressively tailgating her and then recklessly cutting her off, causing her to slam on her breaks so hard that Jace “almost hit the dash.” OK, first thing – why is Jace in the front seat? Why is Jace not in a booster seat? Secondly Jenelle did not tell police she had a firearm on her – although the fellow driver she is accused of targeting certainly did! 

This incident is completely crazy – even more crazy than the usual Jenelle insanity. Pun intended, but literally buckle up!

Jenelle told dispatch she was calling from Jace’s phone complaining that her phone “went flying” because she had to slam on her breaks. “I had my son in the car because my son was at therapy. He’s been tailgating me the whole time in traffic. Would not stop. Then he races in front of me and purposely slammed on the brakes at 70 something miles an hour. He is literally going crazy, swerving in and out of lanes.”

Jenelle also alleges that Jace “almost got whiplash and almost hit the dash” in the incident.

HOWEVER the other driver claims Jenelle was recklessly driving, and then followed him to his home where she threatened him with a gun! A report by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center CFS made by the other driver reveals, “A crazy lady followed him to his house, she is fixing to get shot. She was driving blocking traffic, he tried to pass her on the inside like everyone else and she flipped out.”

The report adds that Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.” Police were called to the scene and Radar Online obtained access to the Deputy’s report which reads, “’Suspect [Evans] hit two vehicles in the yard and then she pulled a 10-84/G,'”  10-84/G is police code for “suspect with gun.”

Jenelle wasn’t arrested, but the other driver wants to press charges.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirms the story and adds that Teen Mom 2 cameras were there to capture the entire thing!

A source reveals that Jenelle was taking Jace for ice cream after therapy when the incident erupted. “She flew into a rage. The whole thing was definitely filmed,” the source adds. “There was a full crew was there.” I’m sure this will do wonders for Jenelle’s custody issues with Babs! And her custody dispute with Nathan Griffith

The source adds that this will likely have larger consequences for Jenelle than the usual legal ones, because network execs have viewed the footage and are “extremely upset by what they’re seeing.”

Apparently there is real concern that the situation with Jenelle has become “too big for them to handle.” Um… took long enough!

“This latest gun-pulling incident has a lot of people– cast and crew– freaked out since the reunion is coming up in a few weeks. Because of David pulling a knife, everyone now has to go through metal detectors before entering the soundstage, but there’s still a concern that Jenelle could bring a weapon to set,” the source reveals.

The source also adds that other cast members “are feeling angry at the show’s producers for allowing it to get to this point.”

Jenelle’s husband, the illustrious David, has already been fired from the show for his homophobic comments, could this be the final nail in the coffin for Jenelle’s MTV career? Guess she’ll have to fall back on medical billing…


[Photo Credit: Instagram]