Karen Huger Describes Ashley Darby As “A Very Dangerous Person”; Questions Sincerity Of Gizelle Bryant’s Concern During The Reunion

Season 3 of Real Housewives of Potomac has come to a close. The final reunion episode has aired and in reflection we all have Karen Huger to thank for driving the biggest story lines of the season. Sure, they all ended up getting a little messy here and there, but it was Karen’s shady finances and delusional clap backs about her wealth that just kept me coming back to this show every Sunday night.

Then Karen couldn’t help breaking down during the reunion when she was asked about her father who just passed away. This woman was giving us premium shade all season and some compelling realness during the reunion. Love her or hate her, Karen Huger is Real Housewives of Potomac.

Karen discussed Part 1 of the Season 3 reunion in a Bravo blog post. Before getting to the serious stuff, she addressed her always epic banter with Ashley Darby. They both always rise to the occasion when they go back and forth and it always makes for great television.

Karen wrote, “My relationship with Ashley has always been strained and never close. Unfortunately, her recent attacks on my family and others in our friendship circle has proven her to be a very dangerous person. Ashley continuously attacks the reputation and livelihood of her friends without verification of facts. Ashley has a reputation for taking what someone has told her – not anything she has personally witnessed – and regurgitating tall tales and fables as though they were TRUTH.”

Gizelle Bryant Has “Never Heard The Truth” From Karen Huger

Is it really surprising that Ashley stirred the pot this season? After all, her Season 3 tagline was “You may say I cause trouble, but I say I keep things interesting.”

Karen wrote, “Ashley has done this repeatedly without compassion or pause; never caring about the pain and suffering she is inflicting on others. The nonstop barrage of personal attacks for no reason is unacceptable.”

Then she warned, “My advice to anyone that chooses to hang out with Ashley one on one is- DON’T. Always bring a friend with you because you will need backup to be your witness with this one.” A witness or a reality TV camera crew to record the entire encounter.

Then Karen addressed her relationship with Gizelle Bryant and it was just all sorts of confusing. It starts on a positive note, but there are a lot of ups and downs from that point on.

Karen declared, “When I say we were good friends, that’s putting it lightly, I truly enjoyed her company. Back in the day she was fun, happy and a joy to be around. However, Gizelle’s recent comments, interviews, and blogs pertaining to me have proven to me she is not a very good friend, quite possibly not a friend at all. Gizelle has shown me that she is a person who delights in kicking others when she thinks they are down. Her actions/comments scream that of a very insecure hurt individual who will strike out at her friends to deflect from the pain of her reality.” But what about the part when Gizelle ran back stage to comfort Karen while she was crying?

Karen shared, “I’d just buried my Dad on Thursday and I was there the following Tuesday. It was important not just for me, but for my family that I be there.  I was on a mission, I carried the responsibility of setting the record straight and revealing a few of the ladies for spreading lies.  My emotions were raw and I was grieving. When Andy [Cohen] mentioned my Dad a floodgate of emotion ran through me and I had to let it out. I was numb.”

She continued, “No one could have told me that Gizelle would be the one to try and comfort me at that time. I was so overwhelmed at that moment that I honestly did not know it was Gizelle in my dressing room.   Based on  Gizelle’s cruel treatment towards me and my family over the past year, I continue to question her sincerity.  Why was she there, was her concern genuine or did Gizelle have other motives? I like to believe that the Gizelle I once knew is back. For now that question mark remains. Only time will tell.” Maybe her Part 2 blog will have a more positive conclusion? Or these two will still continue to have a super confusing friendship during Season 4.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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