Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Last night was part two of the dramatic Teen Mom 2 reunion. And we have to call it out: really MTV with the dramatic editing? Really? Flashing the fight into black and white (blurry) stills? It was not an iconic fight. And you can just stop trying to make it into something that should be celebrated.

Especially since you built up a bit of dramatic energy just to cut right to Leah Messer’s segment when she had nothing to do with the fight at all. Honestly, the true reality of Ali’s situation and Leah and Corey dealing with a sick child as parents should put the pettiness of everything else into perspective. But it’s MTV so don’t worry, it doesn’t. That is really the only meat of her segment. Corey Simms Skypes in for a couple minutes and shares that he and Miranda are celebrating five years of marriage. His segment was short and a little awkward.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Kailyn Lowry and Leah are then on together. Kail seems like she really wants to make this friendship thing happen. Leah doesn’t seem as sure. I think Kail is smart and knows the more she overlaps storylines the more screen time she gets and the more she becomes an anchor on this show. They talk relationships and finally, Leah’s current one comes to light. They all give her approval based on his age and picture (apparently none of them have google because the internet sleuths on the blogs have and they express plenty of concern).

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Javi Marroquin is on after the break. Dr. Drew tries to blame the fight on him. Apparently, he will hold the men accountable for their bad behavior but not the women – I’m going to attribute this to the woman being better at negotiating their contracts and their willingness to walk off stage at the mere suggestion of accountability. Javi says he expected tension but doesn’t know what they are still ‘beefing’ over since he and Briana DeJesus haven’t been together for months. Nessa says she is trying to believe him. How much does she get paid for this gig? Then Nessa asks Javi about getting serious with Briana and the ring. He doesn’t remember if he actually proposed, but he gave her the ring and then took it back. Javi also claims she wore the ring and took pictures with it and told her friends. What?! The whole thing sounds strange. These are people in their mid-twenties now discussing marriage. They aren’t 16 anymore.

The girl willing to move to Delaware for him was apparently Lauren, his current (pregnant) girlfriend. Dr. Drew calls Javi a love addict, which devolves to him possibly being a sex addict. Can we get that trusty old clip about going to itmysexlife.com again? Because clearly we still aren’t preventing these pregnancies prior to fully establishing a relationship.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Next up we get Javi and Kail. Kail is getting major screen time with this reunion. Javi apologizes to her. Kail rejects it because he’s a manipulator. Kail says Javi rushes into relationships. He then says he’ll just let that go because otherwise co-parenting gets awkward. Kail plays dumb about when the last time was that they hooked up. Javi remembers, but he doesn’t remember who he was dating when it happened?! It was Briana. Oh, and guess what? Briana doesn’t know that they hooked up while she was seeing him.

Nessa then goes on a break. Are you hiring MTV? I could get my hair and makeup done and ask some softball questions before taking a series of breaks.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Barbara Evans and Nathan Griffith take the stage together. They’ve forgiven each other for the past for the sake of Kaiser. Rather than praising them for actually acting like adults, the good doctor asks about old wounds. Nathan has concerns about Jenelle’s house of horrors but he can’t talk to her because David won’t let her. We learn David may or may not have a father but no one is sure. They blame everything on David. I’m done with that. David is terrible and that does nothing but confirm and reinforce how terrible Jenelle is. It has long been a personal theory that she always chooses someone who makes her look good by default and David certainly fits well within that pattern.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Because ‘Jenelle chose not to travel to New York, Dr. Drew went all the way to North Carolina.’ We are forced to watch her clip reel while she has a smirk on her face. She claims Barb says she and David are pieces of excrement all the time and that’s why Jace said it. Poor David is misunderstood, he is just frustrated with all the CPS visits. Did you hear that? It was a symphony of the world’s smallest violins all playing a ballad to lament David’s trauma, never mind the kids. Jenelle gives Jace his medication when she has him, except for Saturdays which she skips. Ugh.

David still feels the way he feels and holds his views regarding LGBTQ folks. But he deleted his tweet and Jenelle justifies his behavior by saying he could rant on twitter still but doesn’t. Well, in that case, do we have a trophy laying around? Jenelle says he doesn’t hate ‘those people’ he just doesn’t want his children to grow up and be that way. She claims David would still love his kids if they were gay but he would disagree with their lifestyle. Dr. Drew tries to push the issue but we get Jenelle’s delusional logic.

We get the road rage incident again. My blood boils, again.

Jenelle immediately tears up and claims PTSD and nightmares from the situation. She, of course, says its all about Jace and him almost getting hurt. Umm, nope. Try again, princess, we saw the footage and you couldn’t be bothered to even concern yourself with Jace until you were trying to cry your way out of a ticket for getting pulled over. Oh, and remember when she tried to gaslight Jace over pulling the gun? She was simply scared and didn’t want to get in trouble. Yes, Jenelle, we are familiar with your lies since we’ve seen you for far too long on our televisions. I am not impressed MTV extended her a contract.

And that’s where we wrap! After all, it’s not like there is another cast member on this show who has been on since the beginning.

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Part 2

Oh wait, you mean there is another cast member? Oh yeah, Chelsea DeBoer gets a satellite call. She traveled all the way to New York, left after the fight, and she gets a satellite call shoved in the last couple of minutes of a two-hour reunion special? I am not usually a fan of the complaints regarding screen time for reality stars. But seriously? She got about 10 minutes out of two hours. They couldn’t have used any other floors or green rooms in that massive building for Dr. Drew to interview her in person? Or a different location in all of New York while she was there? Anyway, of course, her segment has to focus on Adam and his drug use because apparently there’s nothing else going on with a wife and mom to (almost) 3 kids? Of course, Adam Lind isn’t seeing Aubree, which is heartbreaking but not surprising at this point. Chelsea always wanted to be married – just to someone good. She got that. I just get so sick of this. Chelsea has a husband and two kids, with a third on the way and we get the tired old Adam storyline. I far prefer seeing her and Cole actually interact and their daily life, we don’t always need negative drama MTV. Her makeup was good though. Did she do that or did she get a professional in? She has certainly figured out a good look for herself because the makeup was really good and she looks very put together these days.

Now we wrap for real. The reunion certainly seemed to revolve around this fight and drama between cast members. I am not overly impressed with MTV playing into this and editing so much footage to support such a spectacle of grown people fighting over a guy and social media posts.

Recap Author: Jeannie S.


Photo Credit: MTV