Emily Simpson Accuses Tamra Judge Of Stoking The Flames

Unfortunately for Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Emily Simpson, the ladies don’t have much to discuss this season. That’s why Tamra Judge has continually baited her costars to talk about Emily andShane Simpson’s marriage. I bet Shane wishes he didn’t sign the release to appear on this show….

Emily addressed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. She discussed the double date that she and Shane had with Tamra and Eddie Judge :“I love that when Tamra (of course) brought up the poker night incident regarding Gina’s [Kirschenheiter] exit that Eddie spoke up that he ‘probably would have done the same thing.’ Haha! Love Eddie!” How is this such a major story line? The show used to be so much better than this.

Emily had no issue calling out Tamra for stirring the pot: “Well, Tamra definitely got the ball rolling by initiating the whole conversation about Shane and my marriage at dinner, followed by her stoking the flames with comments such as, ‘So you think it’s a bad marriage?’ But I do also recognize now that following that evening, there was a big game of ‘telephone’ going on between all of us.” The irony of Tamra spreading rumors about someone else’s husband when she was so upset about that happening to Eddie is just too much.

Emily admitted, “I definitely now see that after I left Tanners, Again, I wish I had known the complete conversation that took place at Tanners (or that I had not known any!), before I confronted Shannon [Beador] < and incorrectly quoted her. Shannon was simply sharing her own personal experience of her husband and marriage. She was sure to make it clear that she was only sharing what she knew of her husband and herself. I can appreciate this.” If only Emily had the luxury of watching this footage while the season was being filmed.

Emily continued, “When Gina later conveyed to me what Shannon shared with the ladies, Gina said Shannon expressed ‘concern’ for me. I now see that Shannon NEVER used the word ‘concern.’”

She continued, “However, by this point, my husband and marriage had continued to be a topic with the ladies for far too long, and so when I heard that Shannon and the other ladies were comparing her marriage to mine, it did not sit well with me.”

Emily explained, “It didn’t help that up until this point Shannon had only shared with me the terrible things about her marriage. Unfortunately, I incorrectly made the leap in my mind that she felt I suffered ‘abuse’ in my marriage – a connection I shouldn’t have made, and a word I wish I didn’t later accuse her of using. For that, I’m sorry Shannon.” Wow. A Real Housewife admitting she made a mistake and actually apologizing?! That is not something you see very often.

Emily wrote, “Again, I wish I had known the complete conversation that took place at Tanners (or that I had not known any!), before I confronted Shannon and incorrectly quoted her. I don’t think it helped that later at our golf lunch, Tamra suddenly shifted gears, attacking Shannon stating that ‘when someone is talking about your husband, it’s hurtful.’” Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Emily concluded, “Had this been Tamra’s position all along, I believe and I could have started building our friendship sooner. I still have hope!” We’ll see how Tamra feels about that. Something (the past 11 seasons of this show) tells me she’s not going to give up stirring the pot between these two.


Photo Credit: Bravo