More Gossip Surrounds Thomas Ravenel And Ashley Jacobs – Are They Engaged?

In today’s era of scandal, the most important one to follow is what exactly is going on with Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs. Are they fake together, are they fake broken up, are they even real people, or is this an optical illusion of what happens when you consume too much bourbon? Whatever the case, it appears Thomas and Ashley celebrated something together this weekend that may or may not have been an engagement, or at least that’s what they want us to believe!

By now you all know that Thomas quit Southern Charm (aka was possibly fired in the wake of his sexual assault investigation) and is feuding with Whitney and Pat. They think he’s scum; he thinks they lied to make him look bad. We also know that Kathryn Dennis now has 50/50 custody of their children and has banned Ashley from being around them. Rightfully so!

Now a reminder of the Ashley and Thomas timeline. Last month they were broken up and Ashley was spotted on a publicity stunt to make Thomas jealous ‘date’ with another man. She claimed Thomas was blocked from all her social media for harassing her. Thomas in turn accused Ashley of cheating on him. Ashley even alluded a return to California. Then she issued a very public (very fake) apology to Kathryn. Kathryn, wisely, did not accept but instead took herself on a fabulous girls trip to the Bahamas. Ashley was probably hoping she’d be allowed in on the visitation with the kids while Kat was traveling. #PlanFailed

Shortly after the supposed breakup, Thomas and Ashley were spotted skulking around Charleston, keeping a low profile. Ashley claimed she had to stay in SC because she no longer had a valid California nursing license, however she and Thomas were “just friends” for the benefit of the cameras.

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Last week the only thing Ashley was “committed to right now is bettering myself,” this week it seems she’s committed to bettering her chances of getting back on Southern Charm as the future Mrs. Thomas Ravenel. That’s right folks – Ashley and Thomas now seem to be planting engagement rumors.

Their friend, Instagram user @JasonlJolly, suspiciously shared the below photo with the caption, “Great to be with this couple on their special day! Congrats and best wishes!”

I don’t know who this Jason feller is – he’s only instagrammed about 12 times total. Google says he’s a commercial real estate attorney in Charleston, so maybe he’s helping to represent Thomas for one of his various legal proceedings? Or maybe he’ll employ Craig Conover next season? Or maybe Craig is making pillows for his office?

Anyway, shortly after Jason’s post Ashley hurried up and shared a photo of herself looking satisfied and wearing a white dress. Obviously both her hands are hidden from view… Now the internet is speculating that Thomas and Ashley got engaged yesterday.

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Now, I don’t think for one stinking moment these two are actually engaged. What I do think is that they’re celebrating some sort of anniversary. Didn’t Ashley move to Charleston about this time last year? What I also think is that they’re hoping this phony engagement storyline and the Ashley/Thomas redemption tour will bait producers into letting them back on Southern Charm. If producers bite I’m just sure Thomas would hurry up and shove a cubic zirconium ring on Ashley’s finger!

Scandal, I tell you, SCAN-DAL!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]