WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15138 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dr. Jackie Walters, Quad Webb Lunceford -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Quad Webb-Lunceford And Dr. Jackie Walters Spill The Tea On Watch What Happens Live

Quad Webb-Lunceford And Dr. Jackie Walters Spill The Tea On Watch What Happens Live

After last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Jackie Walters headed to the clubhouse to hang out on Watch What Happens Live. They were both candid about their marriages and Quad revealed the struggle she’s going through trying to divorce her husband. Quad also shares her true feelings on Mariah Huq.

Andy jumped right in with a speed round of questions for Jackie regarding her marriage status. She reveals that Curtis is back in bed with her, but she thinks they could “do more” when it comes to the level of intimacy. She also shares that the sweetest thing he’s done in the past week for her is wash her car.

When Andy asks if Jackie is putting down the computer and patient files and giving him the time he asked for she shared, “so what I arranged is for Curtis to pick up his computer so we’re doing it at the same time.” Andy responds, “that is called parallel play but it’s no good! I don’t know if I like that.” Jackie says “it’s sexy.” He then asks if she has any moments where she regrets reconciling with Curtis. “We have to relive the story again and again, it brings back some tough moments.”

They roll tape on Mariah threatening to bring the receipts last week at the sexy party. Have either of them heard rumors about Damon? Jackie says “absolutely not.” Quad says “I’m just wondering where they receipts are coming from. Piggly Wiggly? Whole Foods? Publix? Where the receipts coming from?”

Andy then turns to the subject of Quad’s marriage to Greg. She says she filed for divorce. Andy asks if there anything in particular that made her file beyond what we’ve seen on the show? Quad says, “yes, there were a number of things there and as I was trying to work through things with my husband and I still was hitting a brick wall, I just said ‘he’s not getting it’. Apparently that’s given me a message that he doesn’t want to get it, which means he doesn’t want the marriage.” She says they are living separately but her name is still on the deed to their home.

Is there anything Quad wishes she had done differently in her marriage? “I wish that I could’ve probably set the tone a little differently. I think for me I was trying to be everything and eventually that wore on me and in a sense it made me resent him a bit.”

Quad says they don’t really speak beyond a text message. “Some checks came to my house and he did not want to give me the checks and it was a whole lot of going back and forth with that and it’s been tough. He’s been non-compliant with turning in the paperwork, which we need to complete the divorce. I figure if you want to live single then you do the work to be single.”

On Quad being MIA, she defends herself. “Everyone knew what happened in New York. Everyone knew there had been infidelity there, but I feel their approach was more selfish. Like ‘why hasn’t she called me, why can’t she come to my party’.  My life is, I don’t know if I make it look easy, but it has been very tough, Andy.” Jackie chimes in, “if I can say anything for the ladies and I say with my own situation, you don’t want to call your friend and say ‘hey I heard your husband was cheating, what’s going on?’ So you do wait on the person to make the first move.” Jackie thinks some of it comes from a place of love and giving Quad space to deal with it. Quad disagrees. “I appreciate what you’re saying but it wasn’t giving me space when every time I turned around there was a conversation ‘where is she?’.”

On Toya‘s behavior at the naughty nurses party, Jackie says “I was speechless. I really didn’t know what to say and so I did what I normally do: silence was golden.”

A caller asks Quad what she thinks about the others reaching out to Greg to be sure he doesn’t feel isolated after the cheating scandal. “Greg made the decision. He chose to be in a hotel room with another woman and the fact that he said they didn’t do anything, I highly disagree with that. I don’t believe it at all. She noted some things in her blog, so I think he made the decision. It’s not them, it’s not me. He didn’t value their friendships and he didn’t value his marriage.”

A fan asks if the group has fully accepted Curtis back into the fold after his transgression. Jackie says “I don’ think he’s fully accepted. He can’t make too many mistakes, so he has to watch what he says.”

Do they think Mariah and Heavenly will get to a good place in their friendship? They both say no.

A caller asks Jackie if she’s ever encountered the woman that Curtis cheated with. “Absolutely not. She gets no time with me. That was Curtis, not me.” She says if she ran into her, she doesn’t know who she was. Quad says “I’d like to think they travel in different circles.” When Andy asks Jackie if she knows the woman’s identity she responds, “I saw the blogs.”

Another viewer wants to know why Quad chose to isolate herself during this difficult time. “Here’s the thing, it wasn’t necessarily isolating myself from them. I kind of went into myself with everybody, including my mom, including the rest of my family, other friends I’ve known since I was young. It’s nothing personal to anyone. I am just used to being the person who has the answers for everyone and so I was dealing on my own.” She says she understands that her friends wanted to be there for her, but she needed to get to a place mentally where she was ready.  Jackie thinks a simple phone call to say she wasn’t ready would’ve stopped all the talk. Quad and Jackie again disagree a bit on this. Quad thinks they could’ve called her and said the same thing, but she did get that space and empathy from Jackie.

Another caller wants to know what Dr. Jackie and Quad think about Toya throwing such a lavish party after her tax issues. Quad says “I think people make decisions for their own lives and I don’t try to impede on that. I try to respect what they want to do with their own lives and their own money.” Jackie says “I never make anybody’s value system mine. So, if that was important to them and they can handle it, we had a good time.”

After Mariah called Quad fake and phony, who does she think is more fake and phony: Heavenly or Mariah? “Mariah. For sure. She’s really fake. I just gotta tell you. She does a lot of things for damage control. She’s a strategic thinker, she plays the game to win strategically. She will make alliances, she will play the victim if she has to. She’s working the set.”