Shannon Beador

If it seems like there’s a new update every day in the lawsuit Jim Bellino filed against Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge that’s because there is. It just keeps getting more ridiculous as time goes by.

Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband Jim is actually suing Tamra and Shannon for a $1 million after they answered questions about him on a podcast. He even brought in Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi and her man Slade Smiley to testify against Tamra and Shannon. Then he demanded to get access to Tamra and Shannon’s emails and texts so he could prove they intended to “ruin his reputation” before the podcast was recorded. This is just way out of hand. Can someone make it stop? Please.

The Blast obtained legal documents from Shannon and her lawyer asking the judge to stop Gretchen and Slade from testifying in addition to fighting Jim’s requests to see her text messages and emails.

 Jim Bellino Thinks Tamra Judge Planned To Ruin His Reputation & Wants Access To Her Texts

How is this lawsuit even a thing? Jim brought more attention to these comments from Shannon and Tamra than they would have ever received otherwise.

The documents point out that Shannon never appeared on Real Housewives of Orange County when Jim and Alexis did. That is a great point. She has no reason to have anything against Jim… until now anyway.

She also maintained that the statements made during the podcast are not defamatory and that “The trampoline park and its legal troubles have already been the subject of public interest and press. Ms. Beador was simply repeating something she had heard.”

Shannon also accused Jim of intending to “induce financial strain” on her by asking for the texts and emails in the lawsuit. And I’m accusing him of seeking attention. In my humble opinion, this has just gone way too far. He is making this whole situation way more dramatic than it ever needed to be.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]