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Kate Chastain Shares Her Impressions Of Below Deck Season 6 Cast; Reacts To Captain Lee Rosbach Crying In Trailer

It’s so easy to get into watching Below Deck because there’s a new cast pretty much every season. Of course, Captain Lee Rosbach and Chief Stew Kate Chastain have stuck around, but other than that, it’s pretty much been a revolving door of crew members.

Not only do we have to “get to know” a bunch of new people this season, but we also going to see Captain Lee break down and cry according to some previews for the season. That is a lot to take in.

Kate shared her first impressions of the crew members and teased the rest of what to expect from Season 6 during her appearance on Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast.

One person who caught everyone’s eye, for obvious reasons, is Ashton Pienaar. Kate said what most of the viewers have been thinking: “Ashton, our deckhand, he’s so cute.” He really is though. Kate continued, “He used to be a male stripper, which I never am really attracted to. It’s like a little too much, but he is darling. He’s got that accent. He’s got that deep voice, a big Adam’s apple. He looks like a little baby, a little, muscular baby. I like Ashton, by the way.” I love how she had to clarify at the end that she meant all of that as a compliment.

She moved on to deckhand Ross Inia. Kate said, “Ross is from New Zealand. he’s amazing. He’s very New Zealand. Everyone from New Zealand is so nice.” She emphasized, “Ross is so nice.”

Kate hyped up Second Steward Josiah Carter. She proclaimed, “Josiah- game changer. Below Deck will never be the same now that Josiah is here. He is sassy, amazing at his job, and I think it’s a really new, fresh dynamic for me to have a male steward that I can banter with. It’s awesome.”

If only Kate loved Caroline Bedol half as much as she enjoys being around Josiah. Kate began, “Then there’s Caroline, who is my third stew, and I really liked her, but I think she’s too sensitive for the yachting industry.” She explained, “You’ve got to have thick skin and she doesn’t. You should also kind of be sane. It’s not a place to go if you haven’t figured out your issues.” Spoiler alert: these two are going to have (even more) issues this season.

On a more positive note, Kate had plenty of accolades for Adrian Martin. She remarked, “Our chef is amazing.” She even predicted, “He is probably going to go beyond yachting and be very famous one day. ” Kate added, “He’s supremely talented and he’s super young. He is from St. Martin and then he went to Paris to study when he was like sixteen, so while we were getting our learner’s permit to drive, he was in Paris learning to cook the best.”

It’s a little tough to know what Kate means by assessment of Rhylee Gerber, but we will know soon enough as the season progresses. She remarked, “What I love about our crew this year is there’s a lot of strong personalities and while some people might be a little bit crazy, I respect their crazy. Rhylee is intense. but she’s also a bad ass. If you follow her social, the fish she catches are like dinosaurs out of Alaska. She’s a tough girl.”
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Kate did not straight up insult Chandler Brooks, but she didn’t exactly compliment him either. She said, “Chandler, there’s not much to say because he doesn’t talk a lot. I don’t know. He does the job. He’s like a robot.”
Aside from sharing her opinions on the new crew members, Kate was asked to describe Season 6 of Below Deck using one word. She immediately answered, “Epic,” before she emphasized, “I’m not even just trying to promote it. It’s epic.”
She also discussed the instantly infamous clip of Captain Lee breaking out of his persona and crying. She admitted, “I didn’t know that he cried until I saw it when you guys saw it. We were all really shaken up about what happened. I’m getting goosebumps right now. I’ve never seen anything like it, I’ve never heard of anything like it, and we’re all very lucky that it wasn’t worse than it could have been.”


[Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo]