90 Day Fiance Season 6 Premiers Tonight With All New Couples

If you’ve watched 90 Day Fiance since the beginning, you know we’re in for a treat this season. And if you’re new to the franchise that put TLC on the map, then welcome to the crazy train! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Season six of the anchor show that started it all, the original 90 Day Fiance, launches its premiere episode tonight, introducing six new couples who have serious problems with life skills and romance. The concept is simple: Americans searching for love abroad find someone to propose to, then bring them to the U.S. on a K1 “fiance” visa. After their foreign fiances land in the country, U.S. law dictates that the couples have 90 days to officially wed – or the foreigner is deported home. What happens in these 90 days is nothing short of BONKERS, thus a show filled with insane levels of dysfunctional drama unfolds. Are you ready? Let’s meet the couples.

Kalani, 29 (Orange County, CA) met Asuelu, 23 (Samoa) on vacation in Asuelu’s home country. Apparently, they hit it off because Kalani lost her virginity and got pregnant (!!!) on that fated vaycay. One problem: Kalani’s family are strict Mormons and her father, who is Samoan, doesn’t take kindly to other Samoans. Nevertheless, Asuelu is headed to California to wed his baby mama. Shirtless. 

Eric, 40 (Baraboo, Wisconsin) met Leida, 29 (Indonesia) where all true 90 Day Fiance love blooms: an international dating website. She’s got a small child; he’s got grown kids who are closer in age to his bride-to-be than he is. He’s a divorced dad who lives in an almost-hoarder-esque situation in the Midwest, and she’s a wealthy, educated woman from an upper crust family. Therefore our only question is: WTF? This one is flipping the script for sure.

Jonathan, 32 (Lumberton, North Carolina) is a major catch in his own mind, who met “the woman of his dreams,” Fernanda, 19, on vacation in Mexico. A self-professed bachelor for life, Jonathan shocked everyone when he proposed to a nineteen year old stranger after only knowing her for three months. Now Fernanda is heading to NC to see if Jonathan’s “Prince Charming” act is the real thing. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

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Ashley, 31 (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania) met Jay, 20 (Jamaica) when she was drunk as hell at her friend’s wedding. But it wasn’t until Jay stalked her on social media later on that Ashley (a mom of two) decided to pursue a relationship. Previews suggest that Jay is quite the ladies’ man, but Ashley doesn’t seem to give a rip. “If Jesus came down here and told me [Jay] cheated on me, I wouldn’t care,” she tells her friend. Alright – start popping your popcorn for this storyline, folks! 

Colt, 33 (Las Vegas, Nevada) is a tragic, frightening figure who lives with his mom and dresses his cats in costumes. I KID YOU NOT. So naturally, he had to look outside of the country for love. Enter Larissa, 31 (Brazil) who bizarrely agreed to marry this guy after they “connected” on social media. Prediction: Larissa is going to make Colt’s life a living hell. Also, Colt is definitely storing body parts somewhere in that house. ALLEGEDLY.

Steven, 20 (Bowie, Maryland) met Olga, 20 (Russia) when she was actually in the U.S. on vacation, and – whoopsie! – conceived a baby during their “summer of love.” Steven is determined to be a father to his child, despite barely knowing his baby mama – or (as it seems in previews) even liking her very much. Yikes.

Tune in tonight at 8 Eastern/7 Central for the 2-hour premiere of 90 Day Fiance! And join us in the comments section for a live viewing party.


Photo Credit: TLC