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New Below Deck Tonight: Captain Lee Frustrated With Chandler & Rest Of The Deck Crew

Technically speaking, the crew on this season of Below Deck is very competent. There are hardly any “green” crew members, like in years past. Even so, that doesn’t mean that there’s less drama. In fact, there’s more drama within the crew and it’s probably because everyone thinks that they know what they’re talking about and refuses to take direction.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Captain Lee Rosbach tells Bosun Chandler Brooks, “You know how I hate babysitting. And that’s what I’m doing with you right now.” Does that means Chandler is going to get the ax at some point this season? During the last episode, Chandler tried to persuade Captain Lee to fire deckhand Rhylee Gerber, but I have my money on Chandler getting a pink slip before that would ever happen.

Chief Stew Kate Chastain organizes a “half-underwater lunch” which looks cool, but then it starts pouring rain, Captain Lee tries to get in touch with every member of the deck team on the radio, but that seems to be a very difficult task. What’s the point of having a radio if you’re not going to answer it? Not only that, but I just can’t believe anyone would have the nerve to ignore Captain Lee. These people need to bow down if anything.

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In other news, it looks like two charter guests will be hooking up in a very public area of the boat. Plus, they do know this trip was filmed for a reality TV show, right? That makes the rendezvous especially public, but maybe that’s what they were going for? In a clip for the episode, stew Caroline Bedol remarked, “I don’t know but it was probably a blowie or something.”

According to an episode description on the Bravo website, this is a summary of what we can expect from tonight’s episode: “As Chandler’s decision making frustrates the deck crew, Rhylee and Ashton [Pienaar] grow desperate for a change of bosun. The charter guests overcome their fears by swimming with some scary ocean predators. Later, as Ashton makes a move on Rhylee after a wild night, Kate tells Caroline her foot needs to heal or she’ll have to go home. When the mistakes keep piling up for Chandler, Captain Lee decides to confront him in a sit down.”

Does this mean that Captain Lee will fire Chandler? Tune in to Bravo tonight at 9 to see what happens during their sit down.


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