Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, all hell breaks loose between Paige and Lana on what is supposed to be a bonding trip to Lake Tahoe, California.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have planned a trip to Lake Tahoe for Nattie, Nia Jax, Paige, Lana and Naomi (Trinity), but Naomi says she’ll be late because she needs to go see family in Atlanta. Naomi tells Lana not to be “Fireballed out by the time I get there. “Hell no,” laughs Lana. 

Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

In Lake Tahoe, Nattie and the Bellas show up at the airport and Nikki talks about needing the magic of Lake Tahoe because she’s craving enlightenment. Brie talks about how they started coming to Lake Tahoe when they were little, so it reminds her of her childhood. She wants to bond with the girls and feels that Nikki needs a break.

Nia, Paige, Nattie and the Bellas decide to prank Lana, who always feels like she gets the worst room, by telling her that the Murphy bed is hers, but she is really getting a nice room with a view of the lake. Yeah, this is going to go over well.

Before Lana shows up, Paige talks about some random guy who tried to smack her in the face through her car window after a show and tells her to lose some weight.

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Back in Atlanta, Naomi, Tamina, and Dasha go out to eat. Trinity talks about her husband Jon (known as Jimmy Uso in WWE) and how hard they both work and how she moved with him to Pensacola for his children. She admits though that it’s harder to be away from her family and from Atlanta than she thought.

At the Lake Tahoe house, the girls show Lana the Murphy bed downstairs and Lana absolutely freaks out. She says, “Sorry bitches, but I’m not taking this room,” and always feels “last picked,” so to speak. She sits on Paige and Nia’s bed and won’t move. Paige screams at her telling her that it’s Nia and Paige’s bed, but Lana explains that she’ll still share it with someone. Paige says no and demands Lana get out of the room because it’s her bed. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if someone stuck me on the sofa in a house like that with a lake like that in a place like that. But it’s Lana we’re talking about.

Lana starts fighting with Paige about her bed, and Paige calls her a brat. Nia says this isn’t going to go anywhere good. Paige tells Lana, “This is why I never liked you Lana!” which really hurts Lana’s feelings. Lana calls Rusev who after hearing what happened from Lana tells her “Why are you still there?”

Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

Back in Atlanta, the girls head to Havana Club which makes Naomi miss Atlanta even more.

Paige talks about how the tweet that Lana wrote three years ago about the fact that Paige is mean and disrespectful has been the reason for why she doesn’t like Lana. Lana — who tells the camera she doesn’t understand why Paige is holding on to a tweet from three years ago when she tried to play along with a ‘heel’ storyline that Paige was in — responds to Paige, “This is why I don’t like you either Paige!” Paige gets in Lana’s face and says “What are you going to do about it bitch?” Nikki talks about how she gets where both Paige and Lana are coming from. They both boiled up and exploded. They are separated without incident but the tension is ridiculous. Lana tells the girls that she’s leaving.

Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

Nattie talks to Lana about how she’s probably more upset than Paige. She says she hates her and Lana agrees. She tells Lana they have to move past it. Paige calls her boyfriend Kalan, who tells her to make up and move on. The girls try to make up and Paige says she can’t be fake but that she wants Lana to stay. Lana says she forgives Paige, but that the comment still hurts.

After Paige and Lana “make up” they decide to mess with the girls and still pretend they are mad. Lana throws a glass of water in Paige’s face and Paige calls her a bitch and chases her. Everyone chases them to the bedroom where Paige and Lana are laughing that they got one over on everyone.

Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

Brie talks about how she got everyone gifts and talks about wanting it to be a bonding trip. She brought journals for everyone, cucumbers (for facials), and a safe to put phones away for the day.

The girls start getting a little wild and Nia says that drunk Brie, otherwise known as Brie mode, is better than a legend.

Uncle Buck talks to Naomi about coming back to Atlanta, but she says she can’t — maybe once a month. Jon is so focused on work and the kids right now — which Trinity understands — but she can’t stop talking about wanting some sort of connection to Atlanta.

Nia breaks into the phone box and gets her phone back. LOL The girls head out on the jet skis and kayak. Lana talks to the girls about still trying with Paige or moving on. Lana realizes it’s okay to be cordial, but realizes they will never be best friends.

Trinity says she hasn’t talked to Jon about moving to Atlanta, but it doesn’t stop her from using a realtor to go check out a house. She says she has everything the way it should be — Jon, work, Pensacola and family — so now it’s time to focus on her and Atlanta.

Paige’s Mom calls her and Paige talks about how she’s being fat shamed by fans. Paige misses her family and starts crying.

Total Divas Recap: On a Trip to Lake Tahoe, Paige Confesses How Much She Hates Lana

In Memphis, Tennessee it’s time for Smackdown Live and Naomi tries to talk to Jon but Jon is up first on the roster, so he’s having a hard time with all of what she’s trying to say. She explains she just wants a getaway place — and Jon thinks she wants to getaway from him. Trinity explains that’s not the case, but he won’t listen because he has a match.


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