Total Divas Recap: Facing Fears, Reading Poetry and Looking for Tahoe Tessie

Total Divas Recap: Facing Fears, Reading Poetry and Looking for Tahoe Tessie

On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, the women are still in Lake Tahoe, but instead of the arguing and fighting from last week, there’s a lot of poetry, bonding and fighting fears going on tonight. Everybody hold hands and sing Kumbaya with me, okay?

On a serious note, it was actually a pretty cool episode. Here are women we know as characters on a show talking about their real-life fears. Let’s start with Trinity (Naomi) talking to Jon about wanting to live in Atlanta. She doesn’t want to move from Pensacola where Jon and his kids are. Trinity just wants a place to call her own in Atlanta so she can see her own family and friends who live there, maybe once a month. She wants to balance both Atlanta and Pensacola. Jon tells her she’s ‘trippin,’. Trinity tells Jon she’s getting an apartment with or without his consent. 

In the meantime, Paige talks to Nattie, Nia Jax, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Lana about their fears. Paige says that hers is going into deep water — or pretty much water at all — since she doesn’t know how to swim. Nattie says hers is a fear of heights. Nicole suggests that they use this trip to face their fears. Brie says Nicole loves to write poetry, so the girls tell her she needs to write a poem about commitment — her biggest fear — and read it out loud. Nicole states that her other fear is reading her poetry in front of people.

Nia says she is feeling funny because she’s at such a great place in Lake Tahoe, but it’s without her family and she didn’t grow up with all this niceness around her. She shared a bedroom with her brothers and had a car that was almost repoed. She said she feels like she doesn’t fit in.

Brie says she is afraid of Tahoe Tessie, otherwise known as a loch ness monster. Brie also talks about her fears of losing herself. She feels pulled that while she’s away she feels free, but misses her daughter Birdie. She’s very overwhelmed, which is pretty much how every mother on the planet feels. 

Lana talks about not fitting in with everyone. She says people tell her that she’s “fake.” Nattie tells her that she has grown to love her. Nattie says they should do a trust fall with Lana so she knows how much they have her back. Lana is nervous but it goes well and she feels better.

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The girls go parasailing which makes Nattie feel sick to her stomach because she’s about to conquer her fear of heights. While they are in the water, Trinity finally shows up. Nattie explained that while she went up in the air she suddenly wasn’t afraid anymore. 

Paige talks about tubing and how she’s nervous to do it. Paige really seems to be struggling with a lot of emotion this year. Nicole is really sad for Paige and those fears. Paige’s fears are only amplified when the driver of the tubing boat speeds up and Paige goes flying off the tube. Not cool. 

Total Divas Recap: Facing Fears, Reading Poetry and Looking for Tahoe Tessie

Nicole opens up and reads a very touching poem that she wrote about the women she’s with. It brings the girls to tears. Trinity talks about her marriage and how it’s the rockiest it’s been. The girls assure her that she has one of the strongest marriages around and they’ll work it out.

As a final release of their fears, the women jump into the lake — a Tahoe tradition — and use it as a way to cleanse themselves from their fears. They also read from their journals which they lit ablaze and finish the night by going topless in the Jacuzzi.

Total Divas Recap: Facing Fears, Reading Poetry and Looking for Tahoe Tessie

This was a special episode of bonding, overcoming fears and friendship. No body slams or hair pulling this week.


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