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Captain Lee Rosbach Chastises Chandler Brooks & Caroline Bedol For Mishaps On Below Deck

The best way to watch Below Deck is by following along with Captain Lee Rosbach’s live tweets. The Stud of the Sea has no problem calling people out. He threw a lot of shade at Bosun Chandler Brooks and Third Stew Caroline Bedol.

Caroline has really been struggling this season. She’s the odd one out in the interior with Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter, who became instant best friends. She’s also dealing with a foot injury. Pretty much no one is a fan of Chandler- socially or professionally. Captain Lee is a class act through and through, but he even he can’t help but snap from time to time.

Captain Lee began, “Ok here we go sports fans. The bold, the awkward, the ugly, and the rude, and then there is me with my snarky comments. Strap it in, cuz its a ride you need to brace yourself for.”

The charter guests were unhappy with one of Chef Adrian Martin’s meals. This is very unusual for the almost always perfect chef. Kate decided not to give that feedback to Adrian because she didn’t want him to be off his game for the next meal. She did not say that to Caroline, but Caroline did hear her say it. Caroline went out of her way to tell Adrian about the guest feedback.
Captain Lee remarked, “Can we say overstepping our boundaries? Not her call. The call was made, and she ignored it. Bad look.” He added, “Yeah, lets see how that works out.” It didn’t.
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 A fan pointed out, “In all fairness, was she part of that conversation? I agree, not her place-but didn’t catch if she was specifically told of Kate’s decision.” Captain Lee replied, “She was there when @Kate_Chastain said it. What did I miss?”
Captain Lee didn’t just shade Caroline though. He didn’t @ Chandler, but he might as well have. Captain Lee tweeted, “Do you ever listen to your radio? I think not. And you just won’t adapt. What a waste of talent. Sad.” He added, “If he had his radio on he would have heard what the rest of the crew already knew. It’s getting old.”
The charter guests went out on an excursion without any towels or water to drink. Needless to say, they were very annoyed. Instead of giving the guests what they needed, Chandler set up a water slide. Why do that when the guests aren’t even on the boat? Captain Lee remarked, “The water slide that they are not going to use till later. H’mmmm.” Definitely not the best strategy.
The captain tweeted, “H’mmm, who makes the game plan, and who is responsible for it. The bosun makes the plan, but I am responsible and will have to deal with it as I will. But there will be consequences.” Does this mean that Captain Lee fires Chandler?
Captain Lee concluded, “And I will make it up to them. My job.” Fire him, Captain.
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