Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Brandin and Jona Have a Breakthrough, While Isabella Has a Ridiculous Temper Tantrum

It’s Day 10 on Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island and, in the real world, many of us on Day 10 of our relationships would be on maybe, a second, third or fourth date. But these couples are actually trying to determine if they are already compatible for marriage. However, for one couple who actually seemed like a wedding could be in their future now face the fact they are an absolute train wreck.

Let’s start with Jona Bienko and Brandin Brosh, who seemed like a complete odd couple when it came to showing affection. Jona has been showing Brandin affection, but it hasn’t been reciprocated. After Brandin’s mother showed up and made her feel a little better with what she called “my mom’s stamp of approval,” Brandin said she feels better. Brandin says she wants to feel like she and Jona are friends first and building a relationship, but will she open up in 11 days?

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Tyler Moody and  Isabella McKenzie are having a romantic picnic and Isabella said they are falling in love and she’s excited to see how goes. Tyler tells the camera that the love is there, but they haven’t used the love word yet. At 25 years old, they are the youngest couple of the group, but Pastor Calvin Roberson says he doesn’t know if they know how to communicate what they want or need out of a partner.

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Brandin and Jona Have a Breakthrough, While Isabella Has a Ridiculous Temper Tantrum

Shannon Raddler and Kimber Gardner are out shopping and Shannon talks about buying something for his niece and how he’s “Uncle Shannon.” Kimber talks about being engaged before and how her ex had a child and how hard being a stay-at-home mom was for her, especially when they broke up. Kimber talks about her friends having kids, but that she never had a desire. It’s such a big thing for Shannon that he’s nervous they won’t work past this. Shannon said he just wants an open discussion, but if Kimber doesn’t want kids he’ll deal with it…for now (insert dramatic music here duh duh duhhhhhh).

Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island Recap: Brandin and Jona Have a Breakthrough, While Isabella Has a Ridiculous Temper Tantrum

Chris Perry and Jada Rashawn are biking and Chris talks about how it feels natural that he’s in a relationship with Jada and Jada says the relationship is exceeding her expectations. They both talk about wanting children.

Eric Acosta and Katie Muller are holding hands — finally, some affection! — and are heading out on a boat ride. Pastor Roberson said their conversations are still on a surface level, and they need to go deeper. But so far they are only talking about their friends and Katie is talking about how hot Eric is. Interestingly, Katie says she’s excited about their future. Even though there are 11 days left, maybe they just move slower than other couples, but that it’s right for them?

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Jona, Chris, and Shannon are playing pool and talking about Jona’s relationship. Shannon can’t stop himself and says he has to ask Jona “What is she doing to make you feel comfortable?” Shannon that he doesn’t see Brandin getting something he needs in this. Chris pressures Jona for an answer to this question: “Would Brandin chase after you if you suddenly decided to leave?” Chris said he doesn’t want to see Jona get played and he thinks he might be. Jona said yeah he thinks she would chase him for answers.

Kimber talks about the strong feelings she and Shannon have for each other, but that her decision to not have kids can be a deal breaker. They decide to talk to Pastor Roberson and Dr. Jessica Griffin about this. Kimber talks about how she wasn’t a happy kid/teenager and it would be really frustrating to watch someone go through what she went through. She’s also afraid of passing her depression down to her children. The psychologists applaud both of them for talking about it, but it can be a huge roadblock to marriage. Kimber talks about how anything that Shannon likes about her is because of her experiences including this decision, so she can’t ignore them. Good point and she does say “maybe” by the end of the talk, but I am firm in my belief that Kimber won’t change her mind and that maybe Shannon should worry about what he’s getting out of his own relationship.

Back to Jona and Brandin, who are actually holding hands, but the guys got into Jona’s heads about his relationship so he wants to talk to Brandin. As they talk, Brandin has her hand on Jona’s knee and she tells Jona she doesn’t care about how the others are doing, that they had to go at their own speed. Jona leans in and kisses her and she responds. Wow, what a great turnaround for them. Let’s hope that it’s going in the right direction.

All of the couples head to the park for a little competition so they can learn about how they communicate with each other. In this three-legged race, they have to communicate and cooperate in order to win. And, surprisingly, Brandin and Jona win! Katie and Eric finished last, but they aren’t fighting about it. They had fun.

However, Isabella is extremely grumpy that she lost — well, they came in third — and angered at Chris about it. She says she knows it’s a game, but that it’s a reflection of their relationship and she’s not happy. Seriously? Everyone is yelling and it’s hard doing something blindfolded. They came in THIRD. That would’ve gotten you a damn bronze medal at the Olympics and she’s annoyed. Get over it.

Isabella tells Jada that she and Tyler are on rocky terms because of this. Jada says it helps to talk it out, but Isabella says that Tyler can come to her otherwise he’s sleeping on the couch tonight. Tyler goes over to her and he doesn’t understand what’s making her so mad. Isabella is making such a big deal out of this game, it’s ridiculous. She says that Tyler is arguing with her like a child when he’s just trying to explain that it’s a game and nobody else is taking it so seriously and that they did pretty well. So after Tyler does come over to her, she calls him a name and walks away? Who’s really the child?

Chris calls Jada on stage and sings a song to her because he felt that it was an important side to him that she needs to see. Sweet.

Chris talks to Tyler who explains that there is no winning with Isabella — it’s either her way or no way. Chris says she is so set in her ways and if time doesn’t help, then it’s her fault and she needs to do something about it. Tyler says he’s now second guessing everything based on this moment and he doesn’t want to be in the doghouse for the rest of his life. Chris said if Isabella doesn’t understand that his feelings are important and it’s 50/50 that it’s her problem. Tyler sits next to Isabella, only for her to get up and walk away, walk ahead of Tyler on the way back to the room and then shut the door on him and lock him out.

Next week’s trailer shows that the problems continue and Chris is crying and just wants to go home.


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