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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 23 Recap: “Last Call for Music City”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was definitely interesting. While one couple remains married, four others face the harsh reality of divorce and finding love again in Nashville. The individuals prepare to bid farewell to the cameras and return to normal life. An unexpected hookup could send shockwaves through the group.

Several of the participants are on a journey to find new love. Dominique even reaches out to Gil, a MAFS alum to see if there is any chemistry between them. It’s quite obvious there isn’t any. Gil even appears to put her in the friend zone rather quickly. If you tell a person your schedule is busy for the next four weeks, you can’t be that interested. But at least she tried. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole and Chris are still going strong. They are enjoying hosting events as a married couple. While celebrating one of their dog’s 2nd birthdays, some of the other participants join the party. They also have decided to host Thanksgiving at their home for their family and friends. I am happy to see that they are both enjoying married life. Especially Nicole seems to have relaxed and isn’t questioning things as much anymore.

Airris & Jasmine

Airris goes on a date with a woman who auditioned for a previous season of the show. The experts believe they may have some things in common. Insert side eye here. I personally didn’t see much chemistry between them on the date. I know Airris is eager to get back into the swing of dating and going out, but I really hope he takes some time to figure out what he really wants. Personally, I don’t think he is quite ready for marriage right now.

Clint & Gina

Gina meets with her stepfather and mother for lunch to catch up. When the topic of Clint comes up, her mom questions why he didn’t fall madly in love with her daughter. Did she forget that Gina made it clear on multiple occasions that she didn’t like her ex-husband? But hopes are raised when she learns Gina has been on a date with another show participant. I don’t know why she is telling her mother about Mackenzie; I don’t see much coming out of that relationship. He doesn’t even answer the phone when she calls him.

Gina meets with a divorce lawyer to get more information on the process to start divorce proceedings. Clearly, this conversation is purely for the show. These people have been married for two months with no kids or assets. I highly doubt they will have the type of battle that the lawyer is preparing her for. Later, during a group axe-throwing event, Clint and Dominique kiss. Insert shocked emoji. What is going on here, this is the most wife-swapping I have seen, in any season.

Shaquille and Kirsten

Kirsten has lost a husband, but she definitely hasn’t lost her ambition. Now that she is single again, she is focusing on business and personal growth. She proposes a new business idea to Jasmine. Her idea is to open a party bus business and potentially make six figures together. Jasmine is down with the plan and immediately starts coming up with names for the business. Although I like both of these ladies separately, they may be taking a risk creating a new business as friends. But you ever know, things could work out.

Kirsten shares with her married friends that she and Shaq are getting a divorce. When she explains why things ended, they offer advice and challenge her when necessary. Kirsten reveals that she plans to meet Shaq in a few days to talk. Her friend, much like me doesn’t understand what they could possibly have to discuss, given he was the one who made the decision to walk away. Meanwhile, Shaq meets with Jasmine and Airris in hopes of getting some advice on how to approach the meeting with Kirsten.

I am really struggling to understand why there was a need for Kirsten and Shaq to meet for this conversation. He basically reiterated all the reasons why things didn’t work between them, then dared to ask where they go from there. Naturally, Kirsten says that they can be cordial, but nothing more. In true Shaq fashion, it wasn’t good enough, when she leaves, he takes the opportunity to bash her and say she isn’t nurturing. WTH, does he expect? Did he think the woman he hurt and left on national television owes him something? His expectations are very one-sided and unrealistic. I think he was hoping she would be sad and want him back.