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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 24 Recap: Nashville Reunion Part 1

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was juicy! The entire Nashville cast returns to discuss controversial moments from their season. Updates on their lives and relationships are revealed. Emotions are at a high as unsettled issues cause tension amongst the group.

This reunion was definitely better than the extended episodes post decision day that were unnecessary. The reunion got straight to the point and gave us a real look into what has been going on. We also got to know what some of the cast were thinking when they made certain comments or decisions. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Airris & Jasmine

Airris and Jasmine had their share of trials and tribulations throughout the season. Airris is immediately challenged about how he allowed his opinionated cousin to treat his wife. If you remember, his cousin thought that he wasn’t ready to get married and that Jasmine was a fake pageant queen. Rather than defending his wife, he insulted Jasmine’s level of strength when she decided she didn’t want to be around his cousin’s toxic energy. After prompting, Airris finally apologizes for not supporting Jasmine in the situation.

When Airris and Jasmine sit down alone with the host, Arris claims there are many things that are private that he can’t go into detail about. Obviously, this is a cop out and he doesn’t want to say anything to make himself look worse than he already looks. We also learn that 10 days before the wedding, he actually slept with one of Jasmine’s friends. Insert side eye. I think its obvious one was more serious about marriage, than the other. Jasmine’s best friend joins the conversation and calls out Airris for his immature and disrespectful behavior. Like most of us, her concern was for Jasmine’s mental state throughout the process. In the end, they made the best decision for themselves by getting a divorce. Jasmine now has a boyfriend and Airris is still single. Sounds like all is right in the world.

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole and Chris are still happily married. I’m sure many viewers, including myself doubted these two would make it long term in the beginning due to Nicole’s constant overthinking and tendency to go back to her negative past. But I guess Chris is a lot stronger than we believed and has helped his wife to feel more secure. His key to dealing with Nicole is to give her space and patience. Although we didn’t learn anything new about this couple, it is nice to see that things are still going well.

Clint & Gina

Clint and Gina struggled to develop a spark in their marriage from the very beginning. Add in the personal digs to their physical looks and it was done before they ever really had a chance. For some reason, the host seems to still be holding out hope for these two which was not completely shut down. Huh? Is Gina feeling Clint’s new look? Although they said you never know, they do acknowledge that there isn’t a physical spark.

Gina admits that she was guarded and was dealing with a lot of issues with her business while filming which could have impacted the effort she gave to the marriage. On the show, Clint believed she came on the show to promote her business which she denies.  Regardless, anyone paying attention can see this was never going to blossom into a real relationship. Clint has a new girlfriend and although Gina is single, but she still wants to get married in the future.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten and Shaq are no longer together, but they have decided to remain cordial. They continue to do small check ins with one another since the show has ended. Kirsten was extremely hurt that Shaq decided to end their marriage, when she was still open. She also was not happy that he created the impression she was not supportive when she feels she was doing a lot of things to support him and their household.

Honestly, Shaq decided things weren’t going to work when Kirsten made her financial expectations of her husband clear to him. When he was pressed further on why he decided to end the marriage, he says a spiritual advisor called him and said he needed to make a decision for himself. Then later, he admits what I already knew, he didn’t think he was good enough for Kirsten. Bingo! Personally, I think I think it’s for the best. Their relationship was riddled with issues and Shaq seems extremely needy.