Porsha Williams Says She Is Biggest Diva On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Trips

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has turned into The Porsha Williams Show. She is getting more screen time than ever before. She has a new man, a thirst for an engagement ring, and eventually a baby on the way. Porsha’s life has done a complete 180 this past season.

Aside from all of her personal strides, Porsha even made amends with Marlo Hampton during the cast trip in Miami. These two went from fighting over a doormat last season to turning up at the club this season. Oh how times have changed.

Porsha discussed her unlikely friendship with Marlo in a Bravo blog post. The Atlanta Housewife addressed Marlo’s room switcharoo. She wrote, “At first, I was a little shocked, but I understand that she’d want my suite…who wouldn’t? It was beautiful! Marlo didn’t think I was staying with the girls in the hotel, so I get why she went for the upgrade. You’ve got to give the girl credit for trying!” Plus it was hilarious. We can always count on Marlo for some comic relief….and messiness.

Porsha continued, “She and I really bonded during our time in Miami. We crack each other up and it’s a shame that we got off on the wrong foot. Better late than never! I really enjoyed her company…and her clothes.” I need more Porsha and Marlo scenes. They were just so over the top and ridiculous. I couldn’t help laughing at their antics.

It seems like Marlo is the biggest diva when it comes to traveling, but Porsha disagrees. Porsha admitted, “We all have a little diva in us, but I think it’s safe to say after watching this week’s episode that I may be the biggest traveling diva of us all! Shhh.” Props to her for being honest.

Even though Porsha and Marlo blessed us with some great entertainment, the episode ended on a very serious note. NeNe Leakes’ husband Gregg Leakes felt overwhelmed at her store opening and had to get a moment to himself outside. All of the women in the cast rallied around him with fans, water, and even some jokes to make him feel better.

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Porsha said, “I loved watching NeNe do her thing up on the stage and in her new boutique — shining like I know she can. It’s so bittersweet watching her succeed and seeing Gregg struggle with his illness at the same time. It’s heartbreaking to watch him like this, but I know Gregg and NeNe’s strength and faith will see them through this difficult time. Please keep this beautiful family in your prayers!” Everyone loves Gregg, even viewers who have never met him view him as a friend. He’s in a lot of people’s thoughts these days.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]