90 Day Fiance Instagram Feud Between Larissa and Fernanda Escalates; Castmates Take Sides

90 Day Fiance Instagram Feud Between Larissa and Fernanda

Imagine if you will, a group of 90 Day Fiance cast members bickering among each other, completely unfiltered and organic.  No production, no scripts, and no editing.   Like a tell-all reunion without the host.  Well, it happened.  And it was epic.

Unfortunately, this was not filmed for the show. However, the drama went down on social media and screenshots are forever. Right?

Earlier this week, Larisa Dos Santos Lima posted a throwback photo of herself at Madame Tussauds. The picture with unaltered comments can be seen on a 90 Day Fiance fan page.  In the picture, she is posing with her hands on a cop car looking seductively over her shoulder.  This post was her attempt at a comical reference to her arrest for alleged domestic battery.

Most of Larissa’s Instagram followers understood her claim that she was merely trying to make light of a difficult situation.  There were also people who disapproved of the post. Larissa’s Season 6 costars Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera along with Season 5 cast member David Toborowsky did not think the post was comical.

Fernanda Flores got the drama started.  She commented, “how can you make fun?  A lot of people were genuinely concerned about you.”  David agreed.

Then, Larissa got defensive. She responded, “the only way you can stay relevant and try to convince people you’re not boring is to insert yourself in my affairs.”  Fernanda replied, then removed herself from the conversation, “when you make your affairs public and appear to be threatened people worry.  Don’t confuse boring with class.  I don’t need to be arrested for attention.” Ouch.

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Then, the men got in on the fighting.  Colt Johnson referenced a scene from Sunday’s episode where Fernanda and Jonathan Rivera got into a fight saying, “didn’t I see you throw water at a paid actress’s face and almost assault her in a painfully obvious staged and fraud scene.”

Of course, Jonathan responded to Colt by throwing some shade toward Colt’s furry obsession, calling him “catboy.”  Larissa jumped in to insinuate jealousy on the part of Jonathan and Fernanda for Larissa’s “success.”  Jonathan snarked, “what success?  Two days in jail and your new couch?”

Larissa then took it up a notch when she wrote, “go buy another child bride.”  Colt dug little deeper with this response, “hello my name is Jonathan, perhaps you remember me from such things as being a douche bag on the internet and buying a child bride.”  On a side note, Colt strikes me as someone who has a lot more charisma with the written word than anything that has come out of his mouth this season.

David then inserted himself back into the conversation and Larissa went after him.  “Go find a job, 90 day fiance is not forever grandfather.” David commented, “ice ice baby, your stay in America will be short-lived just like your attention span.”  That ICE reference earned David eternal blocking from Larissa.

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Clearly, the battle lines have been drawn.  Larissa and Fernanda seem to be our new Pao and Anfisa.  Definitely opposite ends of the stage at reunion time.


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