Colt Johnson & Larissa Dos Santos Lima Skip 90 Day Fiance Reunion Taping

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima cause drama on the show and off.  Love them or hate them, their antics would have been a highlight during the Tell All episode.

Yes, I said “would have been.” Colt and Larissa did not join the rest of the Season 6 cast in New York City for the taping. Maybe they made an appearance via pre-taped segment. Hopefully, they at least Skype in or something. I just want to see them getting into it with the other cast members.

The rest of the 90 Day Fiance cast posted photos and videos from their time in New York City for the taping. Meanwhile Colt shared a photo of himself and Larissa with a pretty telling caption. Colt wrote, “Enjoying the day off with not a care in the world.” Yikes. I care. The fans care. We had to sit through Larissa calling him “Coltee” and bragging about his sex drive. We deserve this Tell All appearance.

Not only that, but In Touch reports that Colt confirmed their absence during a question and answer session on his Instagram Story. A fan asked, “It looks like the other people from your season are in NY, how come you guys aren’t?” Colt answered, “Because I’m watching Star Trek.” Couldn’t he just do that in the New York hotel room post-taping?

Then again, they probably have a lot to deal with these days. The two of them got into a very public argument with each other on Instagram. Larissa was arrested for domestic battery.

Then they got into another Instagram feud. Larissa poked fun at her own arrest. This did not sit well with her Season 6 costars Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores. This why I want Larissa and Colt at this reunion. Just imagine them in the same room. Unfortunately that’s all we have: imagination. Season 5 cast member David Toborowsky even got in on their feud.

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Short story long, these two have a lot going on these days. It’s a shame they cannot talk about all of their drama during the Tell All episode. Let’s just hope they find some way to be a part of the episode, even if it’s without the rest of the cast.


[Photo Credit: TLC]