Floribama Shore Recap: Impubescent Clown; Girl Code Red

Floribama Shore is back from break and it didn’t disappoint with this week’s 2-hour premiere episode. I guess MTV decided to ramp up the drama times ten for this alcohol-fueled premiere. On their first night back in Panama City, Kortni Gilson’s crazy ex-boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks shows up at the club in a meth induced rage and a fight breaks out. The guys end up jumping fighting Logan after he angrily approached Jeremiah Buoni and his pink man romper and subsequently ends up running from the club.


Kortni calls her mom and finds out that Logan threatened her entire family and the rest of the roommates. Ummm… Kortni, girl…you didn’t know he was crazy? I knew the first time I saw him appear with that beat up leather jacket on in the Florida heat.  Every time he was in around you or your friends he was either displaying jealous or just strange erratic behavior. He is clearly a stalker or just wants to appear on TV. Either way, something is very off with this guy.

The guys go to the barbershop and guess who shows up with crazy eyes? Logan. He approaches the guys claiming he is VIP. He says this is “his” city and they are tourists, insert more crazy gibberish here. Has he looked in the mirror??? Each of the guys look like they could knock him out with one punch. Who is he trying to convince? The scene was more like a clip from Cops where they are trying to reason with someone who is high as a kite than the gangster persona he was trying to project.

Kortni is clearly feeling the pressure because of drama with Logan. She ends up calling the police because she fears for herself and those around her. Kirk Medas retells the unbelievable story to the girls when they return home.


Candace Rice decides to apologize to Kortni for her reaction to last night’s drama. She admits she is dealing with her own problems with her boyfriend Gator Jay and she just wanted to escape with a good fun time. But she realized how selfish she sounded and apologized.


While talking to the cops, Kortni realizes Logan clearly is no stranger to the police. They recognized his name and even laughed when Kortni mentioned him. He has sent threats and even a rap to her house; yes you read that correctly, I said a rap. The police decide that she has grounds for a restraining order.

Later, we find out that Logan was tased and arrested for running up and down the street barefoot and banging on one of Kortni’s family members doors. This is some scary stuff… this guy clearly has some serious issues. This is way beyond the ex who keeps trying to come back in your life. He is making criminal threats and harassing numerous people. The group decides to sage the house in order to get rid of the bad spirits.


Gus Smyrnios opens up to the group about his past. He reveals that at a young age he had to be the man of the house after because of his father left because of his mother’s affair. Gus was kicked out of his home after being overwhelmed from all of the responsibilities. He opens up about how his past has made him the man he is today and why he always tries to keep the peace. The roommates get a better understanding of who Gus is and agree to never call him “sensitive” again.

Kortni decided to press charges when she finds out when he was harassing her family he actually had a knife on him. This is just nuts, does MTV not have a budget for security? I know they are making a show and drama sells, but this guy seems like he shouldn’t be allowed within in 50 feet of anything with a heartbeat.

The group feels lighter now that Kortni has taken the steps for a restraining order and the guys are on security detail so that Kortni feels safe and can have a good time. Kortni and Jeremiah share a sweet moment when she thanks him for always being there for her and always knowing what to say to make her feel better.

Nilsa Prowant and Aimee Hall go to brunch to meet with one of Nilsa’s old roommates. Unbeknownst to Amy, Nilsa wants to create a love connection between the two. While they are out, the guys take Candace out to lunch and ask more about her relationship and discuss whether she should stay with him. I’m sorry Candace, but all signs point to “no” when you are dating someone who goes by “Gator Jay Southside God 231.”

While out at the club, Nilsa tells Scott that Aimee thinks he is cute. I love you Aimee, but you have to be confident and at least talk to a guy for yourself. It’s not a good look if your bestie has to facilitate the whole conversation for you.


Even Jeremiah noticed and decides to give Aimee a pep talk, which was really sweet of him. Aimee revealed she is terrified of rejection and she has a lot of confidence issues and wounds from past relationships. She started crying I love that he took the time to try and boost her confidence and let her know that she is beautiful.

Something about that talk must have worked because Aimee went back in the house with a vengeance. She told Scott that he is going to stay the night and canceled the cab. While many of the other roommates run off to bed, Jeremiah played wingman. Here is where things get desperate… ugh…  Aimee tries with all of her might to get her crush to come upstairs and sleep in her bed. He rests on the couch and declines the invite.


Later, drama unfolds when Nilsa returns home to find Kortni cuddled on the couch with Gus. She feels like at this point her friendship with Kortni is over. Nilsa thinks Kortni  violated girl code twice by cuddling with Gus after Nilsa has already told her it hurts her feelings. Nilsa gets passive aggressive and gives her the cold shoulder, which leaves Kortni confused.

While talking about it at the bar, Codi Butts brings up a good point, he reasons, Kortni doesn’t take showers and use soap, so how is she going to respect a girl code?  Seriously, given the fact that Nilsa and Gus are not in a relationship, she can’t force anyone to respect their situationship. The girls end up having a heart to heart and they make up after an apology is issued.


The group goes to another club. Nilsa and Gus finally have an open and honest conversation about their feelings and their fears. Gus feels like he isn’t ready for anything serious and doesn’t want to lead her on, but she is insistent that they can figure it out. Girl, I hope he doesn’t break your heart. This seems like a recipe for disaster. They hook up after Nilsa basically wears him down. Girl.. .you are way too pretty to be so aggressive, he just doesn’t seem that into you!


Luckily, we find out that silence of the lambs Logan has gone to jail on an unrelated charge and the roommates can sleep well knowing he will be in jail for at least a night. This episode definitely has all the components of a wild and crazy vacation…alcohol, jail, hookups, and love interests.

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